Search Of Invisible Friends Poem by Jeevan Aryal

Search Of Invisible Friends

What you see that I don't see
Because I have no spectacles
I suspect with speculative brain
Parapsychology, nerves are being parasites
I want to have a doctor to check me
In the pathological lab's
I don't want to speak with visible man
Just like sophistry's
I just want to have invisible brain
Invisible heart
I don't want to see with my eyes
Ears to hear and nose to smell
Of visible man
I want to find the third eyes
With no visibleness
Want to see the invisibleness
Just in the inner world of invisibility
I want tohave a friendship with invisible man
I want to find maths solution without assumption
I want to see and touch the air that I breath
I want a invisible teacher to teach invisible lesson
With the vision of peace and friendship
So, Please God send me the message of invisible man
Where Is he?
I want to communicate with him
I want to heard the sound of him
Before I go to sleep
Before I go to heaven
I want to talk with my friends
Like me who is invisibles

Thursday, December 7, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: doctors,friends
Pawan Poudel 16 December 2017

Good thought about invisibleness

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Rupesh Basnet 09 December 2017

communication with invisible man concept is good

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