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Respected judge,
Please don't forgive me
If I work for humanity,
you must be punished me,

Friends, Tomorrow is my last day
lets have a fun today.
Tomorrow I will be called from heaven
Angel are waiting me there.

On the way of incarnations,
Just like a innovations
Nature and me are gamblings
Early Dawn, before the sun rises,

Question to humanity
Where is humanity?
Will you reply?
I am in search of humanity

Where is a truth?
What is truth?
Everyone is moving in search of truth
Eyes are looking for third eyes of truth

The Day With a signing sun
The night With the clear sky
The Sky with a twinkling star
The flies with a light at night


You see the smile on the face of the people
Just like a buried candle
Each step something has heated and melted
For the peace of human mind fluctuation

What is the meaning of you?
Don't ask?
The answer is with in you
What is the meaning of eye?

Just immagine the one day.
May be the saturday or sunday
sun and moon never change the rule

When I was alone
No one was there
But my friend was there
Like me moving here and there

What you see that I don't see
Because I have no spectacles
I suspect with speculative brain
Parapsychology, nerves are being parasites

I was born on september
The name was given by Priest
The name was........
Patronymically, Sir name was added


I am a science
With reflecting vision
I can calculate the distance
how far the light is

Today's Baby is the Father tomorrow,
With the responsibility of child to care.
Each and every movement of life here.
The Cry of baby, today is strength of perfection,

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Respected judge,
Please don't forgive me
If I work for humanity,
you must be punished me,
For freedom and Dignity.
Respected Judge,
I work for co operation,
For harmony and unification,
To have peace,
so I must be killed
Dear judge I must me killed,
Respected Judge,
I want to sing a song of earth,
Not black and white on path,
Not high and low on caste,
So I must be hanged on case.....

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Puspa Thapa 12 December 2018

Interesting poem along with nice poetic vision

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Ram sharma 12 December 2017

Respected judge Poetic concept sir

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Alam chawan 12 December 2017

Jeevan je wonderful poem

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Alam Chuachan 14 May 2017

poem On the way Is interesting sir

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