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Puspa Thapa 12 December 2018

Interesting poem along with nice poetic vision

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Ram sharma 12 December 2017

Respected judge Poetic concept sir

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Alam chawan 12 December 2017

Jeevan je wonderful poem

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Alam Chuachan 14 May 2017

poem On the way Is interesting sir

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The Best Poem Of Jeevan Aryal


Respected judge,
Please don't forgive me
If I work for humanity,
you must be punished me,
For freedom and Dignity.
Respected Judge,
I work for co operation,
For harmony and unification,
To have peace,
so I must be killed
Dear judge I must me killed,
Respected Judge,
I want to sing a song of earth,
Not black and white on path,
Not high and low on caste,
So I must be hanged on case.....

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Jeevan Aryal Popularity

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