Tomorrow, My Last Day Poem by Jeevan Aryal

Tomorrow, My Last Day

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Friends, Tomorrow is my last day
lets have a fun today.
Tomorrow I will be called from heaven
Angel are waiting me there.
Friends, My soul will be free here
And fly in air
Tomorrow I have to experienced the death
Because In heaven I have to have my new breath.
There will be the party in heaven
With lighting and celebration.
Tomorrow I will know how my body segmented
My soul and body will be separated.
I will rise with eyes opened in heaven
No visible my eyes are useless
tongue tasteless, skin senseless
My nose will stop breathing air
I will have ears with no hear
Tomorrow, on this earth friends
On this earth
Tomorrow I will answered silently
Welcoming my death
I will not speak anythings
My heart beat will be my answer
Of all the question
My seventy two beats turn to fifteen
My cold body will be the answer
I will be taking my last exam
Last exam of my life
Friends, That is tomorrow
Not today friends Not today.

Dr Antony Theodore 13 June 2017

What a kind of wonderful imagination....... imagining death and heaven and angels and a life without a body celebrating eternal life in heaven.... you are very spiritual my dear poet. like your poems very much. in almost all your poems there is always this great tone with God and you become then a spiritual poet. thank you. dear poet. tony

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Jeevan Aryal 13 June 2017

Thank you Dr.tony Brahmin For your beautiful comment on my poem

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Alam Chuachan 13 June 2017

Interesting poem about life That is tomorrow

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Ramesh Poudel 19 October 2018

Wonderful imagination..

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Anurag Pokhrel 31 December 2017

Wonderful,fabolous poem ever read

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Rajan Saru 23 December 2017

Wonderful imagination....celeberation of eternal life my dear poet

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Milan chauhan 15 December 2017


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Jazib Kamalvi 15 June 2017

A good poetic imagination. Thanks

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