Punishment Poem by Jeevan Aryal


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Respected judge,
Please don't forgive me
If I work for humanity,
you must be punished me,
For freedom and Dignity.
Respected Judge,
I work for co operation,
For harmony and unification,
To have peace,
so I must be killed
Dear judge I must me killed,
Respected Judge,
I want to sing a song of earth,
Not black and white on path,
Not high and low on caste,
So I must be hanged on case.....

Sunday, May 14, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: humanity
Dr Antony Theodore 05 June 2017

I work for co operation, For harmony and unification, To have peace, ... very sarcastic poem but pointing to the facts of life today......... even the justice system if full of sin. we cannot rely on anyone....... let God alone come to our rescue........ just fine a poem.. write dear poet in these lines...... thank you for your audacity.. tony

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Jeevan Aryal 05 June 2017

Thank you Dr.tony Brahmin for your beautiful comment. In this poem Respected Judge denotes to GOD And the person I denotes to we all concious minded people who are in search of peace harmony and brotherhood Dear poet Dr.tony thank you for your comment and wish to have your next message

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Jazib Kamalvi 14 May 2017

A good poetic approach. Thanks

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Madhuram Sharma 14 May 2017

very good......respected judge

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Alam Chuachan 14 May 2017

Good Poetic approach

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Ramesh Gyawali 03 February 2019

Humanity and standard of being human as brotherhood is worthful.Thanks for sharing Jeevan.

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Gopal Pokhrel 08 November 2018

Very nice poem fighting for humanity

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Chinedu Dike 23 February 2018

Fighting for universal brotherhood of man and humanity is an ideal worth dying for. Very poignant rendition. Thanks for sharing Jeevan.

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Prakesh Aryal 16 December 2017

Very good interesting Respected judge

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Abhimanyu Kumar.s 04 December 2017

Such punishment is only for the lucky ones. We need to do more of violence and killing to avoid sentence. Good to see a poem on contradiction living.

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