Juvela Obi

See Her - Poem by Juvela Obi

You talk to her
See her carry herself
Showing confidence
Her smile says
She is happy
Her slouch says
She is relaxed

He walks in
See her stand straight
Showing something like respect
His words say
He thinks he knows her
His voice says
He is playing

He grabs her shoulder
See her freeze
Trying not to show anything
Her muscles say
She will not run
Her eyes scream
She desperately wants to

He squeezes
See her stare through you
Showing something almost begging
His unchanged voice says
He doesn’t know her
His white knuckles say
He’s hurting her

He lets her go
See her step away
Showing instinct to escape
Her slouch says
She is resigned
Her dead eyes say
She has no hope

He walks away
See her watch him leave
Showing something less than relief
Her smile says
She doesn’t want you to see
But her eyes say
She needs you to see

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, May 4, 2010

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