Seeking A Happily Ever After Poem by Randy McClave

Seeking A Happily Ever After

If you wanna know my business take a look
I am not a liar, thief, cheater or a crook,
I don't do anything that I'm ever ashamed of
And I never do disrespect happiness or love.
I will not ever go behind anyone's back
And never will I jump from sack to sack,
Never will I use or seek pity or use anyone
I'll never treat anyone like a defenseless pawn.
If you want to know more about me ask anyone you want
Or ask me or the internet I won't flaunt,
Honesty and truth is always at my side
Along with care, help, joyfulness, God and pride.
I always know who that I'm waking up with in the morning
Never do I wake up with a shame or mourning,
Because never do I wake up with sadness or regret
Never do I wake up with a stranger I just met.
I will never ever go out to beg, or steal
I would rather go hungry without a meal,
From no one do I ever look or seek any shame
I know all of my friends by their first name.
At no one will I ever scream, shout or curse
I've never read that once in any Bible verse,
Never will I get drunk or high or ever unruly
And never will I be a sleaze or ever a bully.
I'd give my last dollar to help out a friend
But, would they do the same for me in the end,
I seek only happiness and joy and plenty of laughter
As I too am seeking a happily ever after.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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