Stephen Beam

Sentimental Torture - Poem by Stephen Beam


What must one self-indulgent, Ego driven Man go through
Because Love spares pain when one, makes it vocal...

The Journey and it's torturous end:

Rack the Sentiments of this Love, less valued, till it's unpalpable
Strings played become secondary to a heart that's fallible
Yes, i am man, twice scorned and prone to making mistakes
Taking on a load so unbearable even Hercules groans at how it weighs
Cause i will take the disgrace of this selfish spiteness and it's embrace
Giving way to an ethereal romanticism of myself and it's twisted face
Through this twisted face lies the twisted fate of this jilted mate
To love myself more than love itself, tears and breaks like a quilted plate
Then the symbiosis of 'Motherly' emotions comes loose and let's go
Let's go, of a love i never really had a hold on, except in utero
A conscience effort to halt this unhealthy, defamation of one's self alights!
It's mental footsteps ring out an echo across the cortex showing my price
But am i really worth something, when it's you who refers to me as nothing
Yes, this is a battle which adds up to the prevalent negativity, that's disgusting!
Chain these events and spare me the lock and key to trap what's left of me
To please this attention seeking shell of skin, nerves and muscle is the tragedy
Pride dissents the sentimental, being disapproving of of emotional healing
Cause when i heal, i'm no longer the captive to this sentimental torture eating
Dining on a soul bent on deprivation, leaving my soul with a lack of nutrition
The nutrition of romance and feeling which feeds the phrase of 'who is it? '
Malnourished and chained to the guilt of selfish pleasure, i try not to give in
But this mind knows that if i give my heart to falsehoods my life will end!

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, April 15, 2008

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