Stephen Beam

The Insurrectionist - Poem by Stephen Beam

Am I...

But a Man, a man held within this cell within this prison
A Son born of my mother, earth; a restless soul of the wind
The Eagle flies as i will when i fall to my place of rest
The Buffalo though rare will grow and inhabit this white land
Crazy Horse will come back as will the spirits of old
Take heed for the Mothers seed will destroy these maggots
Concrete and Steel desecrate the very face our mother
Our Father's guidance keeps the warriors heart after this
Beast who infects our Children and decays their bones

Am I...

To stand back and take this petty insubordination
a pawn or stick to be stepped on by a corrupt nation
... No.

I am...

A individual to be feared and respected
So shut your clamoring jaws and control your double-sided tongue
A bullet to the brain of this soulless brood of vipers
A man to be conisdered among the the wisest
Here to take this Government by storm and take it back to the old ways
Where honesty was kept in the highest regard
And the incestual lust for status wasn't so glamorized

My Thoughts that brought me here...

The media is a grotesqely slanderous baby that needs to be pacified
Schools white wash this american history with whites are so much better
Education of our children is put in the hands of a biased regime
We are portrayed as anarchists, revoultionaries and rebels
That is what I am a voice of rebellion and revolution to my people
We are to bring to surface a hatred that's simmered below the needle
I am ready to die for my beliefs, but before i die want to see
Leonard Peltier freed from his prison of guilt
That the governments built around him, if it has to blood will be spilled

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, April 15, 2008

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