Stephen Beam

When Darkness Falls - Poem by Stephen Beam

'... Bones pulsate and shake as death applies it's chokehold...'

Pieces of me float about the aura of this evil ridden body
Perhaps i am who you say i am, a peasant of no worth
This dilapidated shell of me is haunted with the demons footsteps upon me
I am Darkness a sower of satanic seed upon this earth
Like nails across a chalkboard, i grate against the ear and nerve

Not a day, not a night goes by without me always near
Your Fingers splay out dripping with your thin worthless blood
You seek safety in the Cuts that litter your body of fear
For it's what's inside that makes you paranoid of my flood
The Tao for your end is not in a poisoned drink of beer

Tao(the way) for you feet leads to a self discovery of happenstance
Nature will run it's course on your dust to dust psychology
For you have no reason to believe in mans lies and mindless rants
You're a walking contradiction and a complete dichotomy
All you do is scream out in vain, just face it you'll never get rid of me

What's this? oh, you've found your grandfather's shotgun
But, you can't bring your decrepit finger to pull the trigger
Deeper into the barn you go, drawn by the urgency of a desperate lost son
There before you is a rope hanging from the the center crossbeam figure
Stepping forward you climb up the hay bales to the wooden fixture

'... Maybe this sickness will leave these bones now...'

The apparent diagnosis for your depression and rage lies in a braided hope
A tremor of chilling hope shakes your body and hands as you tie the rope
About your neck, you now gaze into the gathering darkness as you step off
Dropping, you're suddenly jerked back, momentarily choked
But, what's this the rope becomes frayed and snaps, hitting the ground you cough

'... I look about myself, a light pushes away a dark being...'

What's this sensation of being drawn out, i glance about and see your convulsing form
I move towards my former host, drawing your gaze, it's a gaze of fear
Yes, pathetic human i am one to fear when you look at me with fear and scorn
Now where are you! all i see is a light, stay away from me! i want to stay here!
That's when the light spoke, ' you'll stay on earth, but you will not leave that boy forlorn.'

'... As i watch the darker form disappears, along with the light which is replaced by the blood red and orange sunset.'

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, April 15, 2008

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