Adam M. Snow

Freshman - 793 Points (5/30/1988 / Phoenix, AZ)

Series Of Solemn - Poem by Adam M. Snow

Requiem of Solemn
By: Adam M. Snow

The night when I closed my eyes;
I caressed the nightly skies,
but the stars had a toll on my heart,
their light dimmed since the nightly start.
But the twinkle of spring melody, henceforth
sweet serenity played out as night went on;
erasing my existence before the dawn.

I lost all hope, all essence of this forth convalescence.
My soul weakens at sight of morning star,
but my dreams rest on such lowly cloud afar.
Do I dare to wake and let my soul devour,
or shall I stay to rest my final hour?

That music once again, played that sweet melody;
a simple chord just for me.
But how sweet the sound was, it dragged my soul down again;
I'm left standing in front of my worldly sin.
I'm stuck with a choice, shall I choose Limbo or Hell,
but another calling echoes forth to tell.

This voice of reason whom to know,
such familiar tone it had bestow.
A vision appeared before my eyes;
t'was I whom was yet to've died.
'Have no fear.' He said in jest.
But how can I when I'm at rest?

I am mesmerized by this soulless voice,
figures like myself who dances and rejoice.
I saw him reach into my breast,
grabbing forth my heart as he laughed in jest.
Ripping it out for me to see; bearing my soul,
now cast into the moonlit sea.
But as I gaze to wonder, the woe of my humanity;
surely it's not enough to judge my sanity.

I look before the pass of where I stand,
just gazing out onto this misty land.
I feel the beating of my heart, resting in my palm;
it shattered into black sand as the wind be calm.
The ground before me quaked before giving way,
shown a dark black pit with no sign of day.

An arm reached out as it grabbed my hand,
taking me now into a hellish land.
I am dragged down into this darkened abyss,
with the vision of my lowly self amiss.
He reached into my breast once more;
taking with him, my dreamful lore.

Fear whelmed me as I closed my eyes;
I caressed once more the nightly skies.
But the stars had a toll on my heart,
their light dimmed since the nightly start.
I woke from my slumber with a hole in my chest,
insanity held me as I laid to rest.

Pestilential Solemn
By: Adam M. Snow

From a deep slumber, a forever rest;
lies abreast from me a lowly being.
T'was the same like before,
who showed no signs of fleeing.
He looked at me, with his eyes he glared;
he looked at me with his nostrils flared.

He reached within me and grabbed my soul,
disappearing now into a world so cold.
An ethereal place where nightmare lurks,
as I wonder alone being the berkes.

I stood there edgewise as a crow flew to me,
he showed no fear, from what I could see.
He spoke with a voice so soft and ease,
'Weary traveler, let your trouble seize.'

I am stricken with angst as time before me froze
'What is now to come, but one of many woes? '
The crow before me, glisten and glowed;
forming a mirror, myself it showed.

Upon his chest a darkened hole,
and in his right hand beating, his heart and soul.
He reached with his left, grabbing my arm from the mirror,
my eyesight blurred for a second, now is clearer.

He dragged me in as the mirror liquefied,
leaving me alone on the other side.
My body it burned as I looked upon my breast,
my heart was gone, a blackened hole upon my chest;
a beating in my hand with my heart in chains,
agony overwhelms as insanity now reigns.

A ghost beside me, a face like mine;
he laughed and jest as I am benign.
Time still froze while I lay restless,
lost in this dream, nonetheless.

Pit of Solemn
By: Adam M. Snow

I hold dear, a beating heart in my hand,
as I stood still on shifting sand.
But the stars around me hid away;
their light has vanished upon this day.

Alas, the chains which binds my heart and soul,
rust away to a shade of rustic coal.
My heart now fades as my hand be empty;
I traveled this world on a bitter spree.

I was approached by a women, in white gown she worn;
her face was that an angel, her eyes of bitter scorn.
Out of her mouth flew a melody tune,
a beautiful song sung so croon.

The music so pure it tranced my being;
it blurred my vision, I am without seeing.
This siren song had called to me;
curse me now, upon this blood red sea.
But as I go, my wake fell upon my essence;
this holds dear to me, no convalescence.

Solemn Serenity
By: Adam M. Snow

I see myself bound in shackles,
by a Siren's laugh and hackles,
Draped in sorrow; agony fallen,
in her palm my heart she stolen.

Upon my breast, still gaping hole,
Her reach forth in and grabbed my soul.
Time is still as I fall nigh,
as it is that I must die.

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