Seven Deadly Sins Poem by Miss Grace

Seven Deadly Sins

There are seven sins including pride, greed, wrath
Then followed by lust, gluttony, greed and sloth
Are these sins as wrongful as they say?
Can they really ruin one's night and day?
Why is lust considered as a sin,
If love at first sight is considered a win?
Is envy wrong for a person who never got,
Unlike his peers who had a lot?
Why is pride wrong when that person made,
His own empire without resting in bed?
Why is gluttony considered unfunny,
When the food he bought his hard toiled money?
Is greed can be considered wrong even,
When everybody is selfish to find their own heaven?
Is wrath negative for a person whose,
Work went to waste for letting another's stupidity lose?
Is sloth really wrong even for a day,
When the person worked with his tears through May?
Are these sins really sins or are these some emotions
That were by us misunderstood?
This was my view on the deadly sins and I hope my view on them was not rude.


Nice take on the "Seven Deadly Sind". Organised Religions speak and warn the believers of the sins, to create fear pdycho

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