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Smile doest mean that I'm happy
Laughter doesn't term me joyful
No one knows whats going on
In the heart that is so sorrowful....

All I see is black around me
A room closed without a light
My life is falling apart
And I want to cry it out tonight

I'm afraid of facing the crowd
My past has been so bad
I have not recovered yet
My days are passing out sad

I still don't know what I did wrong
To get this agony in return
My frustration is exploding
Yes, selfish world I'm done

I'm tired of fighting for what I deserve
I am tired of being stated wrong
But little does everyone know
There are more things unsung

Miss Grace Quotes

05 May 2022

Loving you is a memory, Losing you is a lesson...

11 May 2022

The people who know the value of their each word are the most quiet ones.....

18 May 2022

Some see them as friends, Some see them as enemies. But the only thing I see them are as many untold stories.

18 May 2022

To rule an empire I needn't be the daughter of a king nor marry a prince, my sword is more than enough....

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