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A fancy ball that night
She had tied her bun uptight
Shimmering ball gown perfectly made
Was put on her by her maid

I sit when they saw
Stand when they too
I obey them
My black eyes turn blue

A human,
The most wonderful creation of nature,
Is it as wonderful
As we all think?

Miss Goody-two-shoes
My perfect disguise
Not seen through people wise
My entry's gonna be grand

U r alive or did u die
I can't find u rumors fly
Searching for u
Searching for u

His gun pointed towards her head
Her gun also reciprocated
Stared at each other's eyes for a long time
Neither of them wanted to commit the crime

'I love you', were the three words he never said,
But God swear everyone knew for each other they were made.
She was not a princess but a queen, a knight was what she needed,
To stay always by her side was what he wanted.

Satthere watched you choosing someone over me,
I stood frozen, couldn't believe what my eyes see.
You were my priority, my number one,
I just blinked twice, and just like that you were gone.

Every morning I wake up to the same alarm clock,
Every night I sleep with same memories haunting me.
What makes a girl so mature and wise,
Is beyond what everybody could see.

locked in a dark room
I witnessed my own doom
Tortured by my own thought
I am feeling guilty a lot


I hate me
So fake and happy
I hate that mirror
So true and fine

I study well but not that much
I dance well but not that much
I sing well but not that much
I read books but not that much


Smile doest mean that I'm happy
Laughter doesn't term me joyful
No one knows whats going on
In the heart that is so sorrowful....

Some say it six some say it nine,
This is not the problem till here everything seems fine.
But the problem begins when they argue,
Which one of them is being true.


A sharp knife stabbed on my back
It was put by my closest person
No, the person was not my enemy
I don't know why I got such a treason

I entered a garden to save myself
I thought it was a pretty place
I was saved from the war outside
I saw flowers growing with their own pace

On a rainy day like this
I fell in love with you
On a rainy day I this
I am breaking up with you

Do you really hate me this much
That's you need to hurt me over and over again
I can't keep up with you ways
I am slowly becoming insane

Blood red tears that fall
All threes started from this small
Dark black days and nights
Badly injured after numerous fights

The two bodies that I killed
Lying on my floor
I don't know what to do next
The police may walk in through the door

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Bonjour, enchanté)

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Love At First Sight

A fancy ball that night
She had tied her bun uptight
Shimmering ball gown perfectly made
Was put on her by her maid
A perfect beauty is what you call her
But she only wanted a husband dear
And that's the thing I was worried about
That's the thing that made me doubt
She went to dance floor and oh god
She fell in love with a man in just an nod
She thought for love at first sight she fell
She thought it would all end well
But she forgot lust is true love is not
Both saw if each other were hot
After a few meets they got married
With the joys of love they got carried
But after a year the love was gone
Only thing left between them was sadness and son
They fought a lot like dog and cat
He cheated on her and she couldn't take that
He said he did it only for fun
Hearing this the lady took out a bullet and gun
The bullet passed right through his head
In a few moments everything was dead
So people follow my honest advice
Love at first sight is only an early demise

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Loving you is a memory, Losing you is a lesson...

The people who know the value of their each word are the most quiet ones.....

Some see them as friends, Some see them as enemies. But the only thing I see them are as many untold stories.

To rule an empire I needn't be the daughter of a king nor marry a prince, my sword is more than enough....

I don't believe what good forget and forgive can do, In case karma doesn't work I can still get back at you.

Seen by all, Realized by none.

Not afraid of the devil but of a broken angel....

Queen of your nightmare, Princess of your daydream.

In a garden of greens, a little flower bloomed in white cause it knew all great wars started with a little jealousy....

Emotions are great inspirations..........

To make a person So mature and wise, She has to undergo so much pain That no one can realise.

You worry about me? No thanks. I have enough people to worry about me, Instead for a change just care about me.

For me optimism is not about searching sun while it's raining, It's about enjoying the rain itself.

In the island of life there are two sides. The positive side and the negative side. The people of positive side often go to the negative side, But the people of negative rarely return to the positive side.

Every beautiful thing in life comes with a high price.

For someone to save me from Hell, they have to enter Hell too.

I can protect you, respect you even kill for you... But don't expect me to like you or accept you. It's impossible for me to do so looking at the hate I have stored in me for years

Laughing about the things that happened, Crying about the things that can happen.

If I can't be the hero, I will be the villain. And if I be the villain I will the one you ever regret meeting.

Nothing lasts for forever, in fact 'forever' never existed.

I break my expectations with my own hands, before others can.

Don't respect me just because I am a female, respect me because I am a human too

The fool is courageous The courageous is a fool

I am not dead but at the same time I am not alive anymore

Soulmates are not always supposed to be your love of life

Can you undo the blood stains? Can you bring back the dead too?

I am sorry but you can't expect me to be real when the world I live in is fake.

What do you do when the hope of you getting a new ray of hope to live dies too?

With all different thoughts my mind flood I am therefore crying these tears of blood

It's not that I became mature it's just that I had to become mature.

To the utopian vision of happiness I dream I really hope someday you will become true.

I did not do this, My pain made me do this.

Atleast I can't replace myself in my own life.

I didn't do it, my pain made me do it

And when the rose showed its thorns, the people ran away.

The body doesn't feel pain if there is satisfaction in the work

Can you see the wound? No, right? If you can't see where the blood is coming from, how can you understand my pain?

Some people die after losing their life, Some die after losing a place in ours...

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