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Shakespeares Unfold! - Poem by Shireen Ramadan

*Characters: Iseult, Victor.
Act I (Sabotage Anthem)
Iseult: Rot has made systems, more rot the flesh ov humans, more & more their psyches.1

Victor: Why are you such depressed? 2
Methinks that life is flat like all around,3
& flat is perfectness as well as all God's creation,4
We don't have to shape a circle to consider the entity ov life & creatures.5

Iseult: We're part ov something great, so we've to be great.6

Victor: How could you achieve this thing? 7

Iseult: I read to achieve divinity.8

Victor: Is it through theology? What's your theory? 9

Iseult: I think that religions are the most effective fancies ov human minds.10
We follow them because ov our mimic natures not to get lost.11

Victor: I'm not convinced about it,12
As it shows unreasonable atheism & wickedness.13

Iseult: Your time is a blind path to grave, the blinding effect,14
You throw good deeds on both sides to grow from the soil ov excellence to relieve destiny.15

Victor: Do you mean not to waste it? Even through sleeping? 16

Iseult: To sleep is to keep your hands from grain, & still walking, to leave the empty.17
The blind maid in her path to earth, from earth to earth,18
The pyramid is living,19
We rise in mild, to stay awhile, & to waste it.20
I wasted essential, the virtue for cousins & the same offspring,21
They slaughter to stay, the order ov sin, half-siblings squeezing a hostage,22
Half-blood to remain, to stain a lost beloved in me,23
They don't know that death betrays, past & throughout, the continuous effect,24
But healed what they were in hands ov flashing grave.25
Their faces are kept, still in brains which long to bend, the false illusion ov deceit.26
Burning in life, a short watch ov divine, but we don't conceive what lies behind.27
We're a tiny specimen ov a great living, lies beyond feelings, but a large one ov err.28
By mistake, we come to stay, eating to live, but death betrays,29
Betrayed all who long to bliss, the unworthy.30
Hark what death left, to sweep & cleanse both minds & deeds,31
Leaving faeces, shape & size repugnance, ugliness to grow inside,32
A false lifestyle to predict no omen or what hides in sin.33

Victor: Ah! You make me think terribly by putting your mad mask ov wisdom.34
I prithee, feed my conscious, or inter in oblivion.35

Iseult: Hark to the heavens, in your gaps ov oblivion, that sleep it's,36
The dying effect ov flashing white in races,37
Hark to their awe in arms, in the same function,38
Much graceful in mother heaven, but we don't deserve.39
Your ape orisons develop in measure,40
But because gods don't bleed, you're mistaken.41
My core is eating, waking me bleeding,42
In dreams ov achieving, unable to be a thief.43
Their sabotage anthem beyond a grave, walking progeny in womb dimension,44
An everlasting scrotum in which I'm split in,45
In which I'm promiscuous, floating in heaven,46
Undoing in misery ov Darwin, in the rot ov progeny,47
Whorish sacks in psyche, I'm a sabotage anthem.48
Sleep is momentum fancy, our hope to be divinity.49
Mother heaven, hide me in your circles,50
From more blackened offspring ov trapping deed,51
Your gaps ov oblivion are the blind maid in sin,52
Where she walks a cripple to leave a desert within.53
Hark to the gods in up, they're keeping in,54
To let their sand to be moments, but please the minutes undeserved,55
Every tiny to feel, not to lose your conscious,56
Nor conscience ov pyramidal virtues to bleed,57
Ov what's going to occur & elope the lass to squeal,58
Without catching her screams, but the grain is in,59
Unvoid to seize & keep her short feel ov divine thing.....60

Act II (Existentialism)
Iseult: The tree ov life is crying to wake the existence,1
In time ov slow obey I lost my wisdom,2
Beyond sable circles there's another claiming realm,3
Where natures are upon the hands ov hymn,4
Above origins, behind the minds ov a world ov cells,5
Made from green slime for them.6
In a sparkling tear from the tree ov life,7
We watch it startling within,8
As a black endless perspective unreached,9
But this isn't the end to cook a creed,10
We don't know what God is, but not a man,11
Nor a woman ov enslaved beauty in green,12
We shackle them as reptile predators,13
"Woman is the devil & a curse ov Creator",14
But the truth is she's the source ov benevolence,15
& charity ov love for no processed evanescence.16
I hold the soul ov God in a frame ov rocks,17
Which is falling apart through a chance ov microcosm,18
To be God in minutes to achieve what you need,19
Caressing companions ov unpredictable above,20
Crushing Machiavelli in the base ov lower,21
You're not the end ov God; you're just the beginning,22
To tell what you've in coreful existentialism,23
In verbal wit ov Shakespeare to unfold,24

Victor: You claim that your mind is a womb to let words nourish,25
To let it be a fetus ov knowledge,26
So if I'm the wording sperm, then you're the empty,27
You let it grow, but you're void within,28
You cannot resist the coming if it was death,29
Or a mere sperm ov life or a wink,30
Ov God within you, but it's just a wink,31
A God in bowels, or death to corrode inside.32

Iseult: All I can do is to resist death, in every momentary fancy.33
Reading is a dream, & I'm the coal burning,34
Corrode in hours, so I've to feel the burning,35
Flames in mind, the Malakout inside,36
Watching worlds as tiny spots,37
Becoming more tiny & I become more wide,38
But life is a silly dream that slashes away,39
In every hope I imagine, but I've to resist,40
The cannibal time is eating my flesh to feed no guest,41
The cancer mind, to gain his trust through knowledge unrest.42
The eye ov God is open, on Earth in single wink,43
The strawberry mark is in, the sin ov evolution,44
Species exotic, but we're developed within,45
The cursed gene is to know no end,46
The sin ov developed ape is growing to last,47
Growing void in brains, not to avoid,48
Not to erupt as I thought, but to absorb what's left.49
Your life is a silly dream to marry the soil in me,50
To become one entity, but I adopt what's above,51
To cast the beast & set the heaven free,52
Where I should belong, but not just a dream.53
Apes are crawling in my orisons ov higher,54
They're feeding me filth, in brain to plant a liar,55
But the tree ov life is crying upon me,56
Upon a lost wish ov watching divinity,57
More than a dose or momentary imagining,58
But what should I do to resist these curtains? 59
Or reject the gift ov moments with them? 60
Or where should I be in this stray-abandoned? 61
If I'm close, I'm hung in morning executions,62
The advices ov the most dear in me,63
Instead, they smother me in flesh,64
Where's then the love ov heavens? 65
Or did they mean the blackened adore? 66
In odours ov grave & nasty smell ov loving hearse,67
To marry a coffin & to be as one,68
Body & soul in sole shroud ov matrimony,69
To unite who should belong to it,70
To disgust their disease ov creeping wisdom,71
To butcher what they left on the white ov infant,72
Amorphous madness ov an orphan with many,73
Among the many, but still an orphan.74
Am I cursed or haunted by Oedipus? 75
To penetrate forbidden in flesh ov mothers,76
Or a homicide in offspring negligent,78
Homicide negligent in womb dimensions, in existence,79
The strawberry mark is in, so I've to feel the burning.....80

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