Share A Secret Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Share A Secret

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Never share a secret
Or allow anybody to let
It will seal your fate
So act fast before it is too late

Think and cautiously go
One hand should not allow
Other hand to know
Where the money actually flowed

Try to retains secrecy
Even if you remain busy
Share it only when necessary
Else it may help adversary

The information may not be important
But somebody may be after it and want
You are easily providing under no noise
As you are suffering from habit and has no choice

Some of the privacy should be maintained
If leaked may damage your reputation and cause pain
Privately as well as commercially too
This has been proved many times true

Business may suffer on count of leakage
It may loose its teeth or leverage
The initiate is passed on to others
You are exposed and stand as looser

Share, wherever it is essential
Go firmly behind and put initial
It may give good result
The foundation stone is well built


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Never share a secret Or allow anybody to let

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