She Is A Woman Impure Poem by Fahmida Riaz

She Is A Woman Impure

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She is a woman impure
imprisoned by her flowing blood
in a cycle of months and years.
Consumed by her fiery lust,
in search of her own desire,
this mistress of the devil
followed his footsteps
into a destination obscure
unmarked, unmapped before,
that union of light and fire
impossible to find.

In the heat of her simmering passion
her breasts have ripped
By each thorn on the wayside
every membrane of her body ripped.
No veil of shame conceals her body
No trace it bears of sanctity

But, O Ruler of land and oceans,
Who has seen this before?
Everywhere your command is supreme
Except over this woman impure
No prayer crosses her lips
No humility touches her brow.

kamran 21 June 2022

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Nosheen Irfan 24 May 2016

A unique portrayal of a woman who is not a typical subservient, slavish woman. She is different from what she is expected to be. Her power lies in her unconventionality and she doesn't toe the line just to please others. She is impure for the society but she is a woman in her own right. A great write.

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Fahmida Riaz

Fahmida Riaz

Uttar Pradesh / British India
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