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I was born and bred in Lahore. After doing my matriculation from the Govt. Comprehensive Girls High School, I was fortunate enough to lay hands on my father's small collection of English novels. From there began my journey of love for literature. I went on to get a formal degree in English Literature at masters level from the Punjab University that ...

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The Storm

Today the sky wept
With a passionate, fervent plea
Pouring out his pain in floods
Unrestrained, full-throttled gush


Within me I carry a world of darkness
It’s so deep that my mind goes blind
It makes me see things in a false light
And I feel like I have lost the fight

Away From The Sound And Fury

as the mountains echo
unsung songs
the walls of solitude
protect me

Come, The Day

Oh come, the day
come in my arms
I long to feel
the light as though

The Sight Of Fallen Cypress

A lone cypress
In my grandfather's lawn
Standing tall and erect
Since I could sense life about me

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09 May 2020

Sometimes the longest journey is from silence to words.

09 May 2020 heavy to carry.

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M Asim Nehal 05 January 2016

If writing poetry is an art - Nosheen is an artist......If writing poetry is science then she is a scientist.....The precision with which she writes is adorable and I have no doubts, whatsoever, to see her name in topnotchers, I wish her Good luck and I pray to Allah(SWT) , May He increase her writing poweress..Aameen.

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Positive, powerful and palatable are the poems of Nosheen! Be careful if you start to read her poems because you may not want to stop! Keep on penning my friend!

10 0 Reply

Congrats Nosheen in reaching 100 poems! Your poems are wonderful their inspiration! May your second hundred be even better!

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Madathil Rajendran Nair 06 August 2016

That your short poems stoke readers to go eloquently verbose, even to philosophical heights of Sufism, speaks volumes about the power of your words. Your poems are mostly short, yet, very riveting. They set you apart as one who flowers poesy instantly every minute of life. Blessed are you. You are a poet apart far Flowering poetry from every pore May your life dress in metaphors Nakedness of the soul so you discover

8 0 Reply
Nosheen Irfan 10 July 2016

Thanku everyone for your very generous comments.

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Unnikrishnan E S 18 December 2019

Nosheen is not just a poet, she is a painter. She paints with her words on the nature. But her canvas is so big! She is at her best when she paints human emotions.

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Wendy Chenoweth 06 August 2019

Hi Nosheen. I am trying to contact you to ask permission to use one of your poems (Chasing dreams) in my next art exhibition. It will sit beautifully next to one of my paintings. My website is www.wendychenowethart The painting is called " Errol and the angel" My email address is Thanks!

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Jane Campion 24 July 2019

Nosheen, shines a light for all to see. A wonderfully gifted poetess.

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Susan Williams 11 July 2019

PH asks if I like this poet? ? ? ? ? Of course I do! ! If you like good poetry, you like Nosheen and flock to read her every new poem. Elegance and beauty are the hallmarks of her writing as well as imagery that shimmers on the page.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 15 June 2019

Her poems entitled, ‘Darkness’ and ‘The Storm’ Are two of her elegant pieces of poetry With resplendent beauty and purity I wish her a sparkling literary future As a keen and passionate voyager In the poetry ocean of Poem hunter!

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