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Today the sky wept
With a passionate, fervent plea
Pouring out his pain in floods
Unrestrained, full-throttled gush

as the mountains echo
unsung songs
the walls of solitude
protect me

Oh come, the day
come in my arms
I long to feel
the light as though

Within me I carry a world of darkness
It’s so deep that my mind goes blind
It makes me see things in a false light
And I feel like I have lost the fight

A lone cypress
In my grandfather's lawn
Standing tall and erect
Since I could sense life about me

There's darkness, but not all is lost
The stars, the moon and the fireflies
Look how darkness helps them glow
Darkness, with its forbidding demeanor

The leaves-strewn paths
I walk with steps wary
Lest the leaves cry in pain

In the falling dusk
the heartbeat of memories
sounds above the panting breath
of invading silence

In bed of illness
On the remnants
Of hope

I choose to rise
Like a mountain in love with the sky
Always gazing up in wonder
At the azure splendor of the day

Sultry heat
A tad bit softened
But concrete is still burning
With rays of summer

Poetry fills my days
Otherwise dull and drab
Little comfort the sun bestows
Merciless in the summer glow

When the days are long and wearisome
And heart has died a thousand deaths
The sound of rain is music to ears
Tip-tapping or pounding, it's good to hear

Golden brown
Crinkled up
Edges torn
Or curled

They are there
In the morning, in the evening
With stories rustling in their branches
And scars etched on their barks

You don't exist
In vapours
In ambiguity of silent

Fed on power lust
Bloody squabble of kingly egos
Nobody wins this game.

your smile holds me…
as the morning sunshine,
taking the world in its arms

In the hurry and scurry of life
Soul takes whips, sharp as knife
Heart yearns with an insatiable hunger
For the unreachable, loud as thunder

Away into the distance,
in the mountains and the hills
lives a part of me
that scales the heights of dreams

Nosheen Irfan Biography

I was born and bred in Lahore. After doing my matriculation from the Govt. Comprehensive Girls High School, I was fortunate enough to lay hands on my father's small collection of English novels. From there began my journey of love for literature. I went on to get a formal degree in English Literature at masters level from the Punjab University that gave me an opportunity to read varied forms of literature and I devoured the works of the most distinguished names in literary world. I was an avid reader of novels and short stories till 2014 when through facebook I came across poets from different parts of the world and I developed a passion for reading poetry. I never thought I would write poetry myself but one morning I woke up as if a new person feeling quite blessed and wrote my first poem. Of course it was not a mature piece of writing but it put me on the right track. Since then there was no looking back and Poetry became my best friend. At the time, I was out of employment, so had plenty of time to write. I made sure I read every great piece of writing and by reading I improved myself. But I believe the best we write is when we write instinctively. We can always give a proper structure to our thoughts later but first draft must come from instinct. I find poetry writing very healing spiritually. It has given me a voice that I never knew I had. Now poetry is as important for me as breathing, eating, living. Hope you will read me and appreciate my poetic journey.)

The Best Poem Of Nosheen Irfan

The Storm

Today the sky wept
With a passionate, fervent plea
Pouring out his pain in floods
Unrestrained, full-throttled gush
Torn from black clouds of silent grief
In a ceaseless stream of tears
Held back long inside the fears

The sky wept and wept long
Unburdening himself of heaps
Of untold miseries he collected
In his bursting bosom over time
The land winced under his wail
The birds unconsciously forgot their wings

Why did he weep?
As if his heart had burst
As if his chains were unshackled
As if his locks were smashed

The land found no answer
She could but little divine
The meaning of this violent rupture
She imagined little
That the sky cried for her
For her barren, shriveled soul.

Nosheen Irfan © 2016
All Rights Reserved

Nosheen Irfan Comments

M Asim Nehal 05 January 2016

If writing poetry is an art - Nosheen is an artist......If writing poetry is science then she is a scientist.....The precision with which she writes is adorable and I have no doubts, whatsoever, to see her name in topnotchers, I wish her Good luck and I pray to Allah(SWT) , May He increase her writing poweress..Aameen.

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Positive, powerful and palatable are the poems of Nosheen! Be careful if you start to read her poems because you may not want to stop! Keep on penning my friend!

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Nosheen Irfan 10 July 2016

Thanku everyone for your very generous comments.

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Madathil Rajendran Nair 06 August 2016

That your short poems stoke readers to go eloquently verbose, even to philosophical heights of Sufism, speaks volumes about the power of your words. Your poems are mostly short, yet, very riveting. They set you apart as one who flowers poesy instantly every minute of life. Blessed are you. You are a poet apart far Flowering poetry from every pore May your life dress in metaphors Nakedness of the soul so you discover

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Congrats Nosheen in reaching 100 poems! Your poems are wonderful their inspiration! May your second hundred be even better!

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Nurul Hoque 14 August 2022

Hello dear friend, let's come to work together on the street of literature worldwide

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Sylvia Frances Chan 14 July 2022

THREE: This magnificent poem reminds me of those happy innocent days of only enjoyments.Thank you for sharing

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Sylvia Frances Chan 14 July 2022

TWO: As long as the moon shone, we only enjoyed and played and had much fun, nothing can pain us, wonderful experience kids constantly have. I have enjoyed very much re-reading these fantastic childhood memories

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Sylvia Frances Chan 14 July 2022

ONE: ADDITION for the poem PLAYING IN THE MOONLIGHT: These loveliest childhood memories go to my Favourites. Thank you so much for sharing. Re-reading these childhood memories is a tremendous pleasure. Thank YOU!

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Unnikrishnan E S 18 December 2019

Nosheen is not just a poet, she is a painter. She paints with her words on the nature. But her canvas is so big! She is at her best when she paints human emotions.

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Sometimes the longest journey is from silence to words. heavy to carry.

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