She's Become Something New Poem by Amber Marie

She's Become Something New

'You used to have it all you lost it they said'

That pretty girl life is gone and dead

Not physically just spirituallly she's
become something new..
She isn't as worried about all the new

Purses and shoes and makeup and such

She fell into a world of fairy tales and lust

But this world isn't a fairytale
She's become something new

She's no longer that girl
She is born again
she doesn't pretend

Or try to fit in
she gave up the world
For comfort and peace

She fell in love with the Prince of peace

The King of all kings His name is Jesus

She gave up the world for something much more precious

She isn't lost now she's more than
Amber Marie is her name
atleast for now..
one day He gives us each a new Name.. if we follow Him
Let's run that race

This world is perishing earthly wealth will fade..
where is your heart
give it to Jesus
before it's too late

Poem by
Amber Marie

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