Running Out Of Time Poem by Amber Marie

Running Out Of Time

I feel like we are running out of time

Life goes by in a blink life a flash

Lord gives us more time to lead lost souls back..
we're running out time before It all hits the fan..

it will be harder and harder til the Lord shows us His plan

It's been all along to save mankind But they went their own way and are running out of time..

my heart beats faster as I try to
Learn everything I can to show them times almost up to be with You til the end..

help your faithful ones..give us all the right scriptures.. help us to show them if their heart isn't with You..
give us the dreams the songs and the visions or whatever it takes to lead them to repentance

My heart is growing weary of trying to save souls

Lord open their ears eyes and heart

Help them to know Your truth and love

Please lead them back home.

Poem by Amber Marie

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