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This Precious Gift called Life

God is gracious..He gave me a gift we will feel free And alive like never before..
let's not let this gift go to waste

Oh my Lord

I'd rather spend a day in your courts
than a thousand elsewhere

I'm not interested in shouting happy new year with a beer in my hand.
I am interested in preaching His love and truth with a bible in my hand
Where is our passion for the Lord..
why is it all about the world?

I feel like we are running out of time

Life goes by in a blink life a flash

Have you ever been so moved by grace?
That it leads you to a deeper place..
A deeper place into your faith?
Not the grace that's an excuse to sin

The Lord's words are like music to
my ears
because they bring out the best in me
even if I don't like what I hear

'You used to have it all you lost it they said'

That pretty girl life is gone and dead

division comes oh how it comes it traps you in a net
a web of lies of trickery it brings you down to them
don't stoop so low their level I mean
it's not worth the fight

God doesn't play when it comes to sin
that's why He tells us we must repent
And be born again
to be transformed and become new

If I had a bottle of perfume
Would I use it to impress someone
I would meet
or would I give it

Marriage isn't easy
It's never been easy
It's always been a bit of a bumpy

You like tea
I like coffee
You like hot
I liked iced

We can't pour from an empty cup
We can't be who we are meant to
be if we never take time to rest
We can't be who we are meant to be if we focus on the stress

I had a faithful cat
He was a beautiful
black cat
He sat and sat by the

her momma was there
on the lonely nights she needed a pick me up
her momma was there to gossip with about the boys and such
her momma was there to help her stay strong when all she could do is cry

if you have a good dad who works on old cars
and cares for your heart
if you have a dad who makes silly jokes just to try touch your heart
if you got a good dad he helps you with money when he can

My daughter Kelsie
I love you so much
ever since you were born
In 2010

Vanity is vanity
All is vanity
When will we see
Everything in our own

I lived on an island
It was my home
In the Bahamas
It was good for my soul

Amber Marie Biography

Just a woman in her early 30s who seeks the Lord above the world and enjoys writing a poem from time to time to honor her King. Just a nobody in love with a heavenly place I have yet to see and to behold my Maker and let Him wrap His arms around me)

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The Forgotten Wife

poem by amber Marie


Maybe you feel forgotten by your husband..
maybe he doesn't yet know the Lord..
maybe you pray for him daily..
maybe you feel alone and unheard..

maybe you are the forgotten wife..maybe you have been there all along..
even if they don't yet have Christ..what ever the case may be.. be there for those forgotten ones
because those who love the Lord will love their partners sometimes even when they don't deserve...
pray for the ones who feel forgotten..

we are supposed to carry each other's burdens and in these ways we can be His light

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