She's Grown. She's Living. She's Growing. Poem by Natasha Andeyi

She's Grown. She's Living. She's Growing.

Rating: 5.0

She's grown. Something she thought was going to be a walk in the park, but life hasn't seized with the surprises so far.
From Fear, she realized she'll die after all. And nothing is permanent.
From Judgement, she noticed the clogs in the eyes of the souls she meets once in the often while.
From Regret, she gave her mistakes some reflection and realized they were the lessons that led to her kind.

She's living. Something she thought she was doing until she learnt to do it the best way.
A moment at a time. She realized life is a moment.
The life of her dreams. She's not settling for anything or anyone less than what her dreams promise her. If it's not dreamy, she doesn't want it. She won't partake of it.
For the little girl in her. She knows she had her fair share of hurt in the past and will do her best to do right by her.

She's growing. Something she will do for as long as she's alive, if she wants to experience the best of her worth.
From hurt. She understands pain is part and parcel of life but it should never describe her. She only takes the lessons and leaves the rest behind.
From the indifferent kind. She loves feelers and those who communicate their love and hurt. There's nothing superior about staying Taliban or having cold for a heart. You either say your piece of mind or find your way out.

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