Shower In The Heat Poem by Blessing Ikponmwen

Shower In The Heat

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The beauty of life,
The troubles of life,
The challenges of life,
The good times, bad times,
Happy times, sad times,
All the issues of life,
Come playing in my mind as an adult.

Now my mind travels back to when I was a child,
I love to take a cold shower in the heat,
With my bucket filled to the brim,
I create my own stream,
A stream of laughter, happiness and peace,
With no worries to greet.

My life, so free with no secret,
Standing confidently on my feet,
Having my shower out in the street,
Feeling so happy as the water and my body meet,
Giving myself a wonderful treat,
With such indescribable joy,
My life was so complete.

As my mind returns from a trip to my childhood,
I now face reality.
Many issues of life generate so much heat,
But in all, I take a deep breath,
Facing them with the calmness and soothing relief of,
Having a cold shower in the heat.

© Thebeezybee

Shower In The Heat
The poem narrates one of the fun moment of being a child. Taking a cold shower in the heat relives you of stress. Connecting that to the realities of life as an adult, , you will see that we all need that moment of relaxation after the stress of life.
Emmanuel Liadi 02 June 2022

Good write up here 👍

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Haruna Garba 02 June 2022

'I now face reality. Many issues of life generate so much heat' Nice work. Thanks gor sharing.

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I appreciate your feedback.

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Amarachi Eke 02 June 2022

lovely poem... it brought back childhood memories to me.

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I am glad that this brought back good memories to.

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Chinedu Dike 31 May 2022

A highly relatable experience insightfully brought forth with clarity of thought and mind.

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Thank you Chinedu for your feedback

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