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Jewels spoken on a hillside
Words of sparkling light
Set a man as a diamond
Discovered on a dark night

May I float
My humble boat
Another day and see

As I lay upon my bed
Before the morning light is said
I could read a hundred poems
You could be the Poem that's read

Think aloud evergreen
Ringing in the season's Word
Ever flowing water
Escapes not before she's heard

When I am dry and thirsty; yes the desert that I am
Falling friends forsake me yet from clouds come words of heaven
The seed is still within me and His words will water them

Beware young sparrow
A handsome foe strikes quickly
Winged god of the sky
Petite soaring on soft wind

Lead me in a right path
A path that's close to you
A place of joy and life
And pleasures ever new

Refresh me like the shore
Ever changing neath the tides
Crash Your waves upon me

lost in poetry
where to find her
lost in poetry

I will make a road in the wilderness
I will make a river in the desert
Look and see even the Lord on the road
Even in the deep sea I will make a road

Connect my bones like ligaments
Connect my muscles like tendons
Cushion and insulate my organs
O' adipose

Steep sloped approach
Purple stained hands and lips
Fresh mountain breeze
The scent of blueberries

You can change the world
Power of your mind and hand
Holding the right tool

Beneath the water
My drowned eyes long for air
Gasping in prayer
Finished ultra marathon

A tall tree I see
A tall tree for me to climb
To climb and see You

I savor your name
Sweet on my tongue I swallow
Flavor that moment
As you nourish my being


The lone coyote howls
A ready day of despair
Who is he to hear


A lonely gathering

Be my golden light
Awaken me before sleep
See beyond the dark


My morning shower
rythem of the falling rain
Love poured out for me

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Life is full of mystery! Poems are full of life!)

The Best Poem Of Rob Lamberton

Treasure Mountain

Jewels spoken on a hillside
Words of sparkling light
Set a man as a diamond
Discovered on a dark night
Wash off that soiled stone
Be as worthy as a throne
To expose the One of Beauty
And have beauty of your own
Dig deep into the mountain
Unearth the treasure there
For all of earthly riches
To this Kingdom can not compare

Rob Lamberton Comments

Sylvia Frances Chan 25 September 2023

Rob Lamberton, poet sublimest! Whenever I read your poetry, I enjoyed tremendously!

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me poet yeps poet 19 January 2023

simple ad beautiful

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Rob Lamberton 28 January 2023

And complex too!

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Maria Mitea 08 January 2023

Great Poetry, Rob! ! !

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Rob Lamberton 12 January 2023

Maria, thank you! I appreciate your visiting them and your encouragement!

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Rob Lamberton Quotes

Write it when it comes to mind or it may be lost forever!

Such a wonder… the newness that comes from within!

Poems evolve before your very eyes!

We gain the most pleasure when we please others!

Quote no one once! Quote no one once!

Stand with your flower till the last petal falls.

Rest comes easy for those who work hard!

Work is best, together!

All I have to offer Him is brokenness and strife, but He makes something beautiful of my life. Heritage Singers

Look not on the past in regression but only in progression!

Eyes change color frequently!

Speak not, save with God's tongue!

The value of a single word depends on who's listening!

The power of a single word depends on who's speaking!

My god may I make you not my God; my God may I make you not my god!

And what of the years and lives full of poetry not recorded by pen…?

The pen has its master and so does all nature!

May the eye of faith and hope guide you!

A poem is a lonely gathering, no longer!

May I float my humble boat another day and see all the wonders of the world seen from sea to sea!

The best lie is so close to the truth!

A picture preserves that which our minds might forget. Our mind preserves that which a picture can not capture. Words preserve our very life.

Beauty is deep and true beauty even deeper. Reflect all the Beauty you can!

Relationships, even brief ones, are life's currency!

A soldier sacrifices in many ways. So does a mother!

A woman's revenge can sour her forever!

Let your light shine even in the storms!

A great closure never ends!

A writer's reach is extensive!

Rain lifts the world towards the sun!

I wish they all could be California Gulls!

Tears are a true teacher!

Complexity is simply considering multiple simple things and whether they simply exist.

Adultery is more than a chemical spill!

Blue is an interesting color. It is there with the sun and the rain.

True Invent is Pure!

Love is a mountain range!

How we Look is important!

When I fall, I fall in Love!

I'm in love when your smile laughs at me!

I never repeat myself…it's a quote!

Are you sure you know what I'm doing?

Even silent Love is heard!

spume is a significant word for me!

If I'm half the man I used to be an I still a man? 'is that true? ' They say less is more!

I write for pun even when it's not sunny!

A bird watch tells time!

"Love is like a butterfly" - Dolly Parton

Ironic world of sin, close to Heaven it has been!

Listen for a hiss before you kiss!

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