Simple Guy - Poem by JAMES T. ADAIR

I'm a simple guy
If you held my hand
and saw me smile
You'd understand

I have some simple dreams
Though nothing has been planned
It's just a spark, an inspiration
but the flames I've fanned

Where a man is in life
is just a place in time
The place my heart dreams of
Is the only thing that's really mine

I dream of a place
tender and soft
I'll know it when I feel it
once found, will visit it oft

I think the place will be in someone's heart
one so sweet and kind
to make me a permanent part
In dreams, she does from the start

I hope to know her hands so warm and soft
and her voice so tender and dear
I hope to me she always be attracted
and always wish to be near

I think she'll be my best friend
one who could not be bought or sold
I hope she'll stay with me forever
more tender as we grow old

I hope she finds happiness in our love
a love marked by care and bliss
where excitement never dies
and can be felt in every reassuring tender kiss

I hope she treats me softly
in good days or in bad
I hope we help each other to smile
and give comfort when one is sad

I hope we never raise voices too high
even if we're momentarily mad
for peace and harmony would make me happy
to coexist as best friends would make me glad

I know these ideals are simple but quite high
I think I'd love her even more if she was a little shy
But not too shy to come to me if ever there was a tear in her eye
To kiss it away, I would always dream to try

And if life was to suddenly end
As the moment of fate is unknown
I hope there is eternal comfort
In the seeds of love we've shared and sown

She's somewhere waiting for me
I know that this is true
I'm not ruling out the possibility
that she could be you

Topic(s) of this poem: dreams

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, September 24, 2009

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