Kazi Nazrul Islam

(24 May 1899 - 29 August 1976 / Bardhaman / India)

Sin - Poem by Kazi Nazrul Islam

I sing of Equality -
Sinners of all grades are all my sisters
and brothers.
In this valley of sin, who is there among
men and women that hath not committed a sin?
I am but an abominable person; - the
pilot of sinners sunk in the quagmire of sin.
Heaven itself is tottering under the weight
of the sin of 330 million gods.
The demons enter Heaven through
the sinful path of the gods,
from Adam down to this Nazrul
all haven, more or less, butchered virtue
with the knife of sin.
The world is a domain of sin -
Half of it is God, the other half is satan!
Listen, a fanatics! Before counting
another's sins, count thy own!
Out of the quagmire of sin growth virtue
like a lotus; in every flower there's sin.
This beautiful world is full of mere deceit and curse.
Unable to get rid of them sage after
Sage pledged their heart and soul
to.virtue, and their body to vice.
Friend, I have said no untruth,
Begin with Brahma, Bishnu, Siva and
come downward gradually-
Leave aside Men, be they devotees, saints,
Sages or hermits -
Their souls are self-denying ascetics,
their bodies are self-indulgent hedonists!
This world is a caravanserai of vice,
Here on the back of Religion's Ass the
bag of virtue is empty
Here all are equally sinful.
By the measure of our sin we measure another's sin.
If thou dost really run a godly race,
why such ample ceremony of outward show?
Putting on a cap and keeping a tuft of
hair on head thou dost seem to proclaim
that thou art not a sinner
If not a sinner, why such extravagant
parade of trade Mark'?
The culprit has concealed himself in the
official costume of a Police officer!
Friend, let me tell thee a funny story,
Once Angels sinless assembled at a certain
meeting of Heaven were finding fault
with the dispensation of God as follows:
'Day and Night and Night and Day, we
Worship Him and attend his pleasure,
Yet He does not seem well-pleased -
all His boundless love and mercy flows
for mankind who are made of clay
and earth and are sunk in sin!
All-knowing God knew it and addressed
them smiling -'Children of humble dust
they are with very frail minds,
In every flower on earth there's pain
in the eyes, on the lips, there's curse,
in the sandal wood there's a burning
desire, in the moon a thirst for kisses!
There in the eyes of a maiden is collyrium,
On the waist a silver chain, on the
margin of the feet a red juice of a
particular tree, on the lips a red
hue of chewed betel, cupid himself
is a captive of these charms! A
beautiful Satan with vigilant eyes
guards the door, in every breast
there's a quiver of flowers,
and everywhere the eyes send arrows
of flowers! '
Angels all said, ' lord, Let us see the
Earth and see how flowers blossom
there at whose head lies decrepitude and death.'
Said God, - ' Let two among you
decidedly superior to the rest go to
the earth and know the awful
nature of its temptation.'
Haroot and Maroot - the glory
of the Angels as the Sun and the Moon
in the sky -came down into human
habitation, and became partners of the
dust-be-decked Earth! Here some
spell nestles round every human shape
and everywhere is spread a snare,
in the water of the Lotus-Lake, one
moon of the sky has become seven hundred
Moons! Sound, Smell, colour have
Set up a magic noose; here on
every bank laughter overflows the
pitchers of water, and in fields
and meadows are heard the
sweetest saddest songs
Soon was softened the heart of
the Angecls of fire with the juice of Earth,
the amorous looks of carp-like eyes
leave their mark on the bosom
Waving her Ghaghri
with a small pitcher of water on
her waist goes the artful, amorous Zohora -
The Ambassadors of Heaven were
captivated by that beauty., and
surrendered themselves at her rosy feet.
drowned in the nectar of her lips like Anar-juice
The earthen pot of water was intoxicated
with the blood-red juice of grapes.
Away, away was swept the four
walls of self-restraint, the citadel
was bathered, to their heart's content
They drank the wine of Earth with
their flowery lips.
In Heaven God addressed all the
Angels smilingly as follows:
'See what has been done to Haroot
and Maroot by the wily Earth!
A damsel has a fatal gift of
smell there, one speechless
message of her eyes, friends, is
enough to set at naught the
merits of the great penance
of a million ages!
Nymph Earth is possessed of eternal
Youth, Her Lord is Cupid - not Siva!

[Translation: Sajed Kamal]

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