Kazi Nazrul Islam

(24 May 1899 - 29 August 1976 / Bardhaman / India)

Kazi Nazrul Islam Poems

1. Moharrom 5/29/2012
2. Farewell 5/29/2012
3. The Curse 5/29/2012
4. Gloomy 5/29/2012
5. The Poet's Queen 5/29/2012
6. Sin 5/29/2012
7. Complaint 5/29/2012
8. Gokul Nag 5/29/2012
9. Day-Labourer 5/29/2012
10. Satyendro-Pronoy-Giti 5/29/2012
11. Resurrection 5/29/2012
12. The Bird Pierced By An Arrow 5/29/2012
13. Grief-Laden Mid-Night 5/29/2012
14. My Distant Friend 5/29/2012
15. Enamoured Of Self 5/29/2012
16. Song Of The Do-Nothing 5/29/2012
17. Gorbini Muslim Bala 5/29/2012
18. The Ecstasy Of Destruction 5/29/2012
19. Song ( Ajo Dhoroni) 5/29/2012
20. Send From Heaven Again 5/29/2012
21. Come Hither 5/29/2012
22. Don'T Be Afraid, O Human Soul! 5/29/2012
23. Eid, At The End Of Fasting Of Ramadan 5/29/2012
24. Fanaticism Is Not Religion! 5/29/2012
25. Peasant's Eid (Celebration) ! 5/29/2012
26. Hamd: Allahu, Allahu! 5/29/2012
27. Shikol Porar Gan 5/29/2012
28. Day's End 5/29/2012
29. Shat-Il-Arab 5/29/2012
30. Hridoy Joto Nishedh Hane Noyon Totoi Kade 5/29/2012
31. O Thou Nightingale Of Madina 5/29/2012
32. Milon Gan 5/29/2012
33. Purno Ovinondon 5/29/2012
34. Mohanter Moho-Onter Gan 5/29/2012
35. Eid Mobarak, Eid Mobarak 5/30/2012
36. Ore O Chad! Udoy Holi Kon Jochhna Dite! 5/30/2012
37. Ore O Doriyar Majhi! More Niye Ja Re Modina 5/30/2012
38. Elo Eidl-Fetor Elo Eid 5/30/2012
39. Ghor-Chhara Chhele Akasher Chad Ay Re 5/30/2012
40. Madinate Esechhe Soi Nobin Soudagor 5/30/2012

Comments about Kazi Nazrul Islam

  • Rasel (4/24/2018 7:57:00 AM)

    Man (Manush) By Kazi Nazrul Islam translated by Kabir Chowdhury is Needed

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  • SK mahatabul haque (4/1/2018 1:31:00 PM)

    Tawhider hai e chiro sebak ...Khaled kobita aktu updat korben plz

  • Mahmud Hasan (12/24/2017 10:16:00 AM)

    Nice. Thank you. keep updating.

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  • Musfiq Us Shaleheen Musfiq Us Shaleheen (5/26/2014 2:29:00 PM)

    He is the power of our mind, , , ,
    A real hero..............
    i love him.......,

  • Jeannette Chung (4/18/2013 11:35:00 AM)

    Jeannette Chung likes you very much, you hold a special place in Jeannette Chung's heart.

  • Debasish Mridha, M. D. (1/25/2013 11:31:00 PM)

    He was a poet of love,
    He was a poet of rebellion
    He was simple but profound,
    He was funny but he was very kind.
    He was a poet who is touching our heart
    and intriguing our mind
    He was a phenomenon and
    He was phenomenal
    As a poet and as a bird of song
    He is living in our heart and in our love. Dr. Mridha.

  • Ansarul islam Samee (9/10/2012 12:36:00 PM)

    Kazi Nazrul Islam is the greatest poet of bangladesh. I like him very very much. He is my favourite poet...

  • Shaon Sarothi Shaon Sarothi (9/6/2012 11:55:00 PM)

    he is not only a poet also a great leader and a symbolic parson of our total liberatoin achivement..........

  • Wahab Abdul Wahab Abdul (5/30/2012 7:53:00 AM)

    one of the greatest poets of bengali language..................it should have been 10 years earlier, i mean putting up his poems on webs...

Best Poem of Kazi Nazrul Islam

The Rebel

Say, Valiant,
Say: High is my head!

Looking at my head
Is cast down the great Himalayan peak!
Say, Valiant,
Say: Ripping apart the wide sky of the universe,
Leaving behind the moon, the sun, the planets
and the stars
Piercing the earth and the heavens,
Pushing through Almighty's sacred seat
Have I risen,
I, the perennial wonder of mother-earth!
The angry God shines on my forehead
Like some royal victory's gorgeous emblem.
Say, Valiant,
Ever high is my head!

I am irresponsible, cruel and arrogant,
I an the king of the great ...

Read the full of The Rebel

A Belated Call

Him whom I could not then love much
Why do I now remember thus at this late
hour, a Mother?
Today I remember every night he lulled
me to sleep by kissing my eves,
Kisses followed kisses breaking my
early dawn sleep under their heavy load.

I felt then much distressed

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