Sir No Sir Poem by kelvin karani

Sir No Sir

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Get my children from school
When you get home, to my place,
Take mama watoto to the saloon
And come back here to take
Me to the pub! Understood officer!
Sir, yes sir!

You lazy nitwit
I leave my phone on the desk
And you don’t bring it
Quickly officer I’m getting late
I must be in time for the date
Now run to the office. Run!
Sir, yes sir!

My concubine is sick
But I have my needs, you know!
Go to koinange and bring me one
You know my test don’t you?
Now get into that landrover and run!
Sir, yes sir!

Just the other day we shot some
Mungiki and the other gangs
If its not them it’s the students, or workers
Lets go and teach them alesson
Never again will they come to the streets
“Our rights! Our rights! ”-What nonsense!
Officer. I said lets go!
Sir, no sir!

Did I hear you right?
Refusing an order
What became of you officer?
You know where that can land you?
Now move it! To the streets!
Sir, no sir!

Sir, I cannot; not anymore
Say yes to killing the innocent
No. No violence against the nonviolent. No.

Send me to Koinange
Send me to get your kids, wife
Make me your servant
But sir, don’t send me to kill my own
They are my people; innocent
Fighting for their rights; our rights
No more impunity. No more.

Kelvin Karani 19 October 2012

Thanks everyone...rather belatedy! ...i blog at ourwordsourvoices(.) blogspot(.) com...see you ther and send me one of yours to publish

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Nia Riz 19 January 2009

strong words sir! ! ! ...sir yes sir! ! ! shows a person should learn to say no to things like these! ...killin their own people....just because they are fighting for their rights a.k.a our rights! beautiful poem bro! Nia

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LOVEFOOL Aka 13 January 2009

Powerful stuff.Thoughtful and intense very well written thanks

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