Father Forgive Them Poem by kelvin karani

Father Forgive Them

Rating: 5.0

On that day the sun rose a little late
Or so I thought
A dark cloud lazily sailed around it
Making the sun shine grey

Mama sent me to buy milk
Run child she said
You will be late for school

Dressed in my green and
Yellow colored collar uniform
I ran to the shop and…

Ho! The pain of loosing it
Three men entered me by force
I lay there crucified on the ground
Oozing blood from where they forced themselves into me
Having got whatever they wanted

In less than a minute they returned
Repeatedly they entered me
Mother told me I would be okay
When I came to in hospital

They had been burnt alive those three
A farmer saw them atop me
Called passers by and a crowd came
With stones and machetes they hit them
But as I was told this I said
They knew not their evil, Father forgive them

Kesav Easwaran 29 May 2009

A scenic write...but shocking scenes you provide...i would like to call this a movie poem...not forgetting to mention the imagination inside and bitter truths the poem present...congrats Kelvin...10

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*Innocent Angel* 28 January 2009

Wow, nice poem it has alot of feelings in it.

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