Smile Please Poem by terence nabbs

Smile Please

It’s the Year 2007
But remember the day when you had your photo took,
They took your best side, took your best look.
You felt like a model it was something renown,
A time in your life, a time to pin down.
The camera in our youth was magic in a box,
But today the innocents and magic is gone
Where ever you go, there will be a camera your on.
A spy on every corner, inside every shop,
On motorway bridges, bottom and top.
There’s nowhere to go, nowhere to hide,
But as far as I know our home’s’
Are still safe inside.
It stops terrorism, unsocial behaviour, Burglary and drugs.
Dropping the crime rate,
Were told It’s for our own good.
Having to pass a lie detector, your self to insure,
Why pay at all, when we still feel,
We‘ve let it sneak up behind us,
We’ve let the magic be abused,
And we as a Nation are all left confused.
We allowed our leaders,
All of us, to out fox,
And now were all prisoners of that,
“ Magical box”

Ruth Walters 24 October 2009

So true Terry. We just can't get away from them....... Ruthie: o)

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The Lost.. 22 October 2009

this is a very nice poem......

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