So Many So Called Love Poems Poem by Francis Duggan

So Many So Called Love Poems

So many so called love poems have been written it's so easy for to say that I love you
But few loves last until death do us part and when I say that I mean very few
How many marriages have ended in the divorce courts and how many loves have foundered in a year?
And only bitterness where once were hugs and kisses another love song I do not wish to hear.

You'd swear by some that love was never ending but everything it has a use by date
And very few loves have lasted a decade and fewer still have found a true soul mate
Perhaps I am a cynical old bugger since songs of love don't thaw my frozen heart
They were in love up to last month but now 'tis over and to their friends they say we'd grown apart.

When I see young people hand in hand together and kissing and hugging on the public street
I say to myself their mutual affection will fade quickly when milk goes sour it do not taste too sweet
For love like milk it sours so very quickly and when their love dies they both will find some one new
And they will walk hand in hand and kiss in public and to each other whisper silly words like I love you.

So many so called love poems have been written about so called true love that did not last
Yet we do not learn much from the book of living we only feel bitter about the past
I've seen manly men in tears about their love life though their sob stories I did not ask to hear
And few loves ever last beyond the six months and fewer still even last for a year.

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