So Open Minded Poem by Mysia Hayling

So Open Minded

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You'll be amazed at someone's background
before they can fully say, 'Yes, I've made it'.
You may see someone in suit and tie
but don't know how they get by.

You may see the man in the big house
but never see the building of the foundation.
It is easy to get jealous of another man's success,
but never appreciate or recognize how hard he sweat through the stress.

At times, you got to start from the bottom of the ladder
until you can climb to the top
but not forgetting how it is like at the bottom
to appreciate how far you've come.
To be able to relate to the underdog.

Everyone loves to see the underdog win,
as every dog does have his day
and life doesn't always remain one way.
What good for the gander, also good for the goose.
Life is what you choose, whether you win or you lose.

Some people are born extra smart, others just average
and there are those born with a little more advantage
and some so poor they have no leverage.

When things are handed to you without labour,
it can be easily taken for granted,
but those attained through the struggle tend to last,
for success takes time, it doesn't happen overnight or gotten fast.

Happiness is really indeed a state of mind;
life is too short to be unkind.
Whether we are rich or poor we all have to die,
only in God our hope can rely.
Some people may attain lots of riches and be filled with fame everybody knows their name.
They choose who they want to associate,
yet they still feel so lonely and unloved.
Not knowing the difference between the real and the fake,
but an open mind is all it takes.

©copyright 2012

Thursday, March 8, 2012
Topic(s) of this poem: life
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