Wolf In Sheep Clothing Poem by Mysia Hayling

Wolf In Sheep Clothing

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Dear God,
Why must man be so wicked and unkind?
Why do they pretend and try to deceive your mind?
Create in me a clean heart O God they pray, they rubbing you the other way. Judge not and ye will not be judged.

Who are they to judge someone's life, when they sit and stab you in the back with a knife. The tongue is a very dangerous weapon. They sit down and gossip just like how they sipping tea, more to talk about people like flea. No news is good news, the upholder is worst than the thief. What goes around comes around, but the bad you do if not sooner or later will catch up to you.

Sometimes you have to guard your heart, you don't know who to trust,
what good to say, good to keep. The snake dwells in the blood and the water. Talk is cheap, but they hurt your heart, hypocrites ah talk, you just got to guard your heart and walk.

They can chat 2 your back but God makes sure you don't lack.
What's in the darkness will come out in the light, in God alone will I find my delight.

Chinedu Dike 05 January 2017

Lovely piece that depicts the hypocrisy of man, well articulated and nicely brought forth with spiritual insight. Thanks for sharing.

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Adeline Foster 08 March 2012

I sure can feel your pain. Read mine - The Bloom of Youth - Adeline

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