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Alphabet Of Love

You taught me the alphabet of love
And I learnt it with the ease
Of my mother tongue,

A Few Drops Of Dew

Bound by earth and sky
The particles of darkness
Of my existence
Got crystallized into

A Silly Love Poem

Come hither,
Come hither my love
When the infant sun shines
And promises a sunny weather.

A Poem

Do I belong? I question myself
One more time anxiously, while
Waiting for permission to script
A preface to passionate musing


Stubborn nostalgia
Pricks and makes my soul bloody
Like thorns of a red rose
Making so to a tender palm.

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Koena Mokoena 31 October 2011

Hey yo! i am interested in your poem by the name of ' Leave me there', because it is clear that true love comes from within. In other words if you give me a chance i will show you the true meaning of love. Your correspondence will be highly appreciated. Have a nice day! Mr. Koena France Mokoena Country: South Africa

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Apphia Garcia 08 September 2011

i like your poems............. they are interesting

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Lekshmi Menon 13 June 2011

amazing work.......kip on writing

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Poornima Kanasen 02 January 2014

The forbidden fruit which tasted the sweetest, perchance, it still does. You write gracefully!

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Shirin Sheikhi 27 March 2012

your poetry is not only about harmony but also a mysterious beauty which sings when i read your poems and makes the lines appealing. your are one of my best friends in India and experience of sharing ideas with you was unique for me. i hope the love in your poems lives in your heart for ever.

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Shruti Parasher 23 March 2012

u r a good writer...! ! poems are nicely penned..! !

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Basma Amir 22 March 2012

Great word and poems! ! ! ! I like them all

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Shahzia Batool 21 January 2012

Arkay drk - -the emotionally charged creator of verses! His name reminds me of a statement from a Russian writer: i keep myself to myself and shall always keep myself to myself... The history of my orientation to his poetic world is hardly two months old, when i found him as the monarch of this realm of Muse, like the immortal legendary nightingale pouring out his soul abroad in full throated ease... just like the language of poetry is never the language of any age, similarly a poet is not the poet of any age, race, creed or color. The poetry of Arkay Dass to me is beyond the confines of all boundaries and barriers. His pen voices out his feelings so creatively that he does not let his reader remain in the world of reality while transporting him to the world of imagination and myth , simultaneously making him stand face to face with the bony and bitter reality of here and now. What makes him my favourite poet and the best one, is his use of all weapons in his poetic arsenal.the ideas that so beautifully adorn his verse, are so universal and the voice of every heart that he might rightly be called the poet of all times and ages. Macaulay remarks: By poetry we mean the art of employing words in such a manner as to produce an illusion on the imagination, the art of doing by means of words what the painter does by means of colors. In the light of the above statemant, we find him do what his Muse bids him to do: Decorate my basic emotions And musings passionate With personalized symbols And images varied, Of allusions drawn from myth And life's reflected realities... In hisown expression his poetry is the silent language of the heart in which he tries to Versify every syllable With brisk rhythmic crescendo To be persistently heard In the corridors of poetry. Yes! his poems are written to be heard , to be seen, touched, and to be felt...aesthetic and synaesthetic.The appeal to all the senses in Sound of Solitude gives a unique blend of two different senses; where the poet demands us to listen to the echo of the divine fragrance of a copious crop of exclusive sandal wood; and when he asks fervently: Do you hear with your broad eyes as i do, The twinkling din of stars and starlets jostling for dotted space On a rustic sky... Reading a poem by Arkay simply offers an aesthetic pleasure for it caters to different moods and minds. His expression breathes the spirit of radiant and vibrant emotions.How wonderful it is to try to relive in our imagination, the experience of the poet; especially here, the evocative images, the rhythm of thought, emotion, associations and desires help us to relish this experience. Quite possible it is to dive into the ocean of his poetic expressions and come up with hands full of orient pearls in orient images of Silk Route: I have for you Gifts of gold, pearl, diamond, rubies And other precious Indian gem stones stacked on a camel back. I have silk and honey And exclusive red roses kept hidden In my poetic heart all for you... Passion of love has always been and will always be the nucleus of all Romantic poetry.Here the feeling finds fuller expression in Alphabet of Love and Three Make a Crowd ......simple, innocent and deeply passionate! ! ! What a wonderful and vast world of love he offers as a reciproque if his passion is granted: If only you wish To listen to my sonnet, How easy it is for me To compose an epic Of million couplets And recite it for you Under a moon-lit sky, When me and you Make a company And the moon a crowd. An enjoyable reading depends on the fanciful expression of the poet using arresting images and the style, the simple, the elegant, the graphic, and the vigorous; and the world of poetry by Arkay Dass abounds in all that can be called....Beautiful! ! !

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