Vision Ghost

Rookie - 5 Points (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)

Society - Poem by Vision Ghost

Intricate entanglements of inconsiderate thoughts congealed to newest confusions
Too elaborate to fathom convalescent values of a lost stranger’s attrition
Behind bloodied grazed knees and forgotten pleas, lost to a world to be saved
Only the salvaged rubble of the journeys so ill navigated and unpaved

So consumed by the swallowing of one’s own unmitigated paranoia
In the sheer lust for power, one would reap severance in search of wonder
Feeling the ground vibrate beneath the feet of those invisible to ourselves
That reason, is conquered in the flirtation of retribution as our warlike nature delves

You can cry to the heavens only to, be replaced by the cooling rain of thunder
Echoing from the very wells of all mortal souls beneath the bleeding asunder
Yet fallen upon the soils sowed in crops to feed children as the latest victims
Seems to me we live in a pacified existence to honour violence and self esteems

We look to each other for the answer, as the blameless remain silent in their riches
Staring upon the faces of the people so much like ourselves wading in the ashes
Of generations before our own repeat play who lived so much yet died with so little
Only in the glory of the senses that can hear you no more in a still body so brittle

Lifeless and yet longing we remain so as a broken movie playing the same scene
Of sex, violence, breeding and excuses to play away desires for the hungered serene
Toppled upon us only to figure value upon the passing of every chance we had
Why ceremony the dead when we had every chance to consolidate life but with faces so sad

Is the peace we craved, now welcomed only to be cheated of sensation to hear our tears?
Fallen to suddenly now the realism of the worth now passed beyond breadth of fears
Left to the emptiness of that void unclaimed and yet so perfect for their passing
While beating drums of hearts taken for granted in their constant servitudes depleting

We all want the shouting to stop yet we all live for the crisis as a purpose for tomorrow
To live another day repeating the same of all enquiries upon denials of our sorrow
What did you want when you awoke today, expectant to purposely serve another’s will?
To afford in labour the very fashion and dissolving of recognition demonstrating social ill

Instinct has no North or South, simply the yielding to nature we layer in complication
To entwine the fabric and covet the blemish in fear of such exposed imperfection
Rushing to work or hanging on those precise pearls of peace as we’re far too afraid
To raise a hand and state that there is something wrong here from fixtures frayed

What is moral fabric when the stitch makers are a skill beyond your reckoning?
We reap war upon what we cannot dictate to in salvation of such self-governing
That loss of face burdened more so than practice the goals of our everyday
Now please look me in the eye and tell me what it is you wanted to say?

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