- Some Day - Poem by Dmitriy Kokarev

- Some Day -

Rating: 2.7

Some days the life won’t seem to be
Exactly what the preachers promised you
In darkness salvation we all find
A land of hidden lies and scornful cries
A land where masochists are gods
A land where coke is mixed with dope
And people sell their souls for cheap

We travel to the places we call homes
A place where we are brought to be
Exactly the way society is pleased
With mechanical beliefs
Heaven is a place where angels weep
Tied by chains to the fancy gates of pearls

Someday repent we will
And you won’t see the life we lead
In solitude and in our own horizons
No hypocrites no posers and no beasts
A place where money will not reign
And bombs are not fancied either

To love whomever we shall chose
No matter race, sex or religion
One house of worship
Worship of love not lies
To raise the children of tomorrow
To be what they chose and not what they should be

Believers in Androgyny
Believers in Creativity
Believers in whatever we chose
No one to preach and fill pockets with gold
No poison in our food
No sour milk
Just love
Just Art
Just Music
Just a place in my head
Another wasted dream
That never will be realized
A lift from reality
And a suicidal fall back down
And constant fight for rights
Our Life

Jeannie Ann Clark 22 February 2008

'Another wasted dream...' The earth will be here forever and all suffering and death removed. The dream, not wasted. Your writings very clear, to the point. Keep writing and expressing....thank you.

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Lawrence S. Pertillar 22 February 2008

Very nice, Dmitriy. You speak from the heart. I hear and understand.

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Dmitriy Kokarev

Dmitriy Kokarev

Tashkent - Uzbekistan
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