Francis Duggan

Some Just - Poem by Francis Duggan

Some just whine for the sake of complaining they convince themselves that life to them is unfair
Whilst others they just suffer in silence though big crosses they've been given to bear
Suppose it takes all sorts of people for to make up this World of ours
'Tis true what they say of true gardeners they can tell the weeds from the flowers.

In some young people one can sense wisdom whilst others grow sillier with age
And surely a good education is not what goes to make a sage
Those who like to talk but not listen do never grow knowledgeable and wise
I know women and men in their fifties and sixties with less wisdom than some young girls and boys.

You hear some say that it takes all kinds with their words I cannot disagree
I know a few schoolgoing teenagers and they are far wiser than me
They may be short on life experience but many profound things they say
And they do seem to have far more insight than most who are ageing and gray.

Some just live for their own selves only all of their stories to themselves apply
The three most used words in their vocabulary you might have guessed me, myself and I
They must be the centre of attention they will never suffer from it does seem
From what is deflating to the ego the thing known as low self esteem.

Some to bear have life's heaviest crosses yet they never once do complain
And others are known to whine loudly though they don't experience much pain
Suppose everybody is different and each looks at life differently
The millionaire feels he's not wealthy and the pauper accepts poverty.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 4, 2008

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