George Krokos

Gold Star - 9,786 Points (30-06-1951 / Samos, Greece (Now lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia))

Some Thoughts About Numbers - Poem by George Krokos

There are numbers we always work with to count or add, subtract, divide and multiply
in the times of the day, days of the week and month, months of the year which all fly;
Is this the right time? What year is this? How old are you? When were you born?
We seem to live and die by the measure of numbers in this world that we all adorn!

How much do you earn and how much do you spend?
Do you save anything at all for a rainy day my friend?
Does it cost much to buy and how much do you need?
You'll get there on time if you travel at a certain speed!
How many children have you got and how old are they?
How many toys have you bought them with which to play?

Have you ever seriously thought about the world population explosion?
Or the number of trees cut down to cause a problem with soil erosion?
How many people are there in the world today?
How many of them are born and die each day?
How many creatures can the earth possibly support?
What do those current figures tell in that final report?
How much longer will it or can it all last?
When was the beginning back in the past?

We all like to quantify and to accomplish so much
no matter how long it takes if worthwhile to touch.
The majority of people want to have more of things
particularly money to which most of their life clings.
It's no wonder as we have given a value to everything;
all we use or need: clothes, water, electricity, gas and food
even the situations that help to capture or satisfy our mood.
When are we going to start paying for the air that we breathe now?
or are we already secretly paying a costly price for it somehow?
By the way, what is your favourite or lucky number?
What is your address, postcode and telephone number?
How many times have you seen lightning without thunder?
And just how tall are you and how much do you weigh?
How far do you live from work and have to travel each day?

Everything we see, imagine and create has a size or apparent dimension for us.
We unknowingly strengthen but don't fully realize the importance of numbers.
Here's a couple for you to think about: What is the largest number?
What will be the exact distance of the furthest object seen in space
recognized by mankind at a pre-determined or given time and place?

We play games by and with numbers; seen in the throwing of dice;
the deck of cards, making a bid in poker, collecting the pot is nice;
and in sport that winning or losing score
but sometimes it only just ends in a draw!
And who can say what are the odds of such a thing happening?
It feels great to be first or number one, for a while considering.
When we read a book usually most of the pages in it are numbered
and there were only so many copies of that particular edition printed.
Sometimes if it's a bestseller the bookshop gets to be out of stock
and has to re-order more copies from the publisher down the block
who in turn might have to authorize a second printing of that edition
thinking all the time how much more he'll make from this requisition.

What was the mark you got for that test?
and how long does it take to be the best?
When was the first and last time
that you received a parking fine?
What amount then did you have to pay?
How long over the restrictions that day?

During an election time all those people eligible to vote must give their preferences
to determine which party or person is to be elected and counting then commences
on or after a specified hour to find out who has received the majority of votes,
or in other words gained the biggest number counted to their favour that notes
and then decides the final outcome for them to govern or be in office genuinely.
So it's those who have or gain the right numbers that help them to win eventually.

Have you ever thought about what they're going to do to you when or after you die?
Well, sooner or later they are going to measure you up from head to foot as you lie,
probably all over in fact and then make a coffin based on the measurements taken
to put your body in so that they can bury it in a grave which has been undertaken;
dug to a certain depth, length and width that will be your body's final resting place
and there's an amount to pay for this as well when the time comes for that space.

What is the original perfect number?
Is it absolute zero or one thereafter?

There are many things that we don't know being of an unknown number
and all that we do know is somewhat always related to a known number.

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