Rhyme Poems: 340 / 500

An Ode To Textbook Poets

Rating: 3.8

The textbook poets try to bind you down
with all of those rules they call renown.
In a strict meter and rhyme they do write
and like to see others match their plight.
They criticise strongly those who compose
such poetry that doesn't follow their nose.

They put forward the case which they raise
and dispute your work to get some praise.
Some even offer their version of your poem
and with some commentary they do groan;
saying your words could be written better
giving you an example to display the letter.

At times they're justified by what they say
and so you are obliged to heed their way;
as from a certain academic point of view
especially if it seems better written to you.
But regardless of what they all have to say
the fact is that with your creation they play.

Little do they know of free flowing verse
that comes from within which isn't terse.
It resembles an off beat meter and rhyme
which doesn't keep fast to any strict time.
Poetry that's written and read in this way
has its own natural beauty some will say.

It doesn't matter if one line isn't the same
to the following one or seems a bit lame.
As long as the words written all make sense
in what is conveyed by sparing no expense.
That's really the way poems were meant to be
regardless of what a book says for one to see.

There are many forms and styles of poetry
devised by man down throughout history;
some will stick to a certain established rule
a formula which is their own craft and tool.
If one doesn't follow any rigid form or style
it wouldn't mean they couldn't raise a smile.

- - - - - - - - - -

Monday, September 12, 2016
Rhyme Poems: 340 / 500
Topic(s) of this poem: poetic expression,poetry,poets,style,writing
Sochukwu Ivye 26 October 2017

Impressive. Permit me to say: a polemical piece in a grand style. I sincerely love this. 10+++

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Mahtab Bangalee 20 May 2019

Poetry that's written and read in this way has its own natural beauty some will say....../// yeah, exactly right; beautiful and touchingly penned the ode

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Paul Butters 12 February 2018

I couldn't agree MORE with this. That's why I write mainly free verse myself. Traditional, strict forms can be too restrictive, choking your expression. It's the poetic essence that matters. So hear, hear.

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George Krokos 12 February 2018

Thanks for reading and your comments Paul, I'm glad you agree. At times one has to follow their heart.

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Andreas Simic 10 December 2017

Hi George, poetry is for everyone, so eloquently displayed in this piece. Great share.

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George Krokos 13 December 2017

Thanks for reading and your comments Andreas.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 07 December 2017

A wonderful ode Very interesting and informative.. I loved the way things are expressed

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George Krokos 13 December 2017

I'm glad that you have appreciated the content of the poem and thanks for reading.

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Elaine Sept 13 November 2017

The beauty of poetry is that it is a personal document, that shares feelings and paints pictures and all without rules. People always want to make judgement of work, however it is a personal journey and there are no wrongs, only writes! Lovely

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George Krokos 13 December 2017

Thanks for reading and your comments Elaine However as far as saying that there are no wrongs only writes sometimes what people write about is wrong. It all depends on how informed and proficient you are in what you write about.

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