Honesty Oimbo

Song Of My Soul - Poem by Honesty Oimbo

I STAND in the heart of the stream,
The air surrounding me, engulfing me,
The water flowing past my feet easily,
And a drizzle raining upon my head gently;
Tears of my eyes flowing down my cheeks.
I look at the East, tears in my eyes,
I see my country, my pride, my soul-
I will always sing praise for her
I will always caress her with deepest affection
I will remain to her a faithful and deferential son
I will treasure and glorify my great country
Where I grew and ate and suffered and disenchanted,
Where the sun sets and shines impeccable-
Where many tribes live, one nation, one people.
Oh! How beautiful it is to be in Kenya:
My motherland, my love, and my pulchritude.
As I rest on this cool river alone, all alone
I see thy grand and great country
That gave birth to me, am her adored son.
I shall shield and protect her with all my power,
I shall fight those who oppress my mother,
To those whose aim is to beat her
I shall single-handedly defeat them,
To those whose aim is to prostitute her,
I shall lay dangerous traps to kill them;
Let the coldness in my feet in the river,
Let the drizzle or rain on my head
And let the cold air that swallows me
And let the faith in my soul, in my heart
Give me the spirit, the hope and determination
To always be there for my mother
The one who has made me understand
The meaning of love.
THE bird in the air knows why it sings,
The river where my feet now lies
Knows why she murmurs all her whole life,
And the fish in the stream
Pretty understands well why it must be there;
So my country Kenya with its great
Features- Mt. Kenya, Masaai Mara, Mombasa beach,
The green tea, the green land, arid land, tropical climate-
Surely the ultimate Being must have thought well
To rest the grand Kenya where it is today.
Oh! My country I love you sincerely.
To you alone I shall provide abundantly
When the sun is in the blue sky
To you alone I shall pay my last respects
When the sun sets and I must die
To you alone I shall bequeath my wealth
When this river shall drown, swallow me.
To you my mother, my life, my love and soul
I shall cry for when you go sick
I shall rejoice with you in your victory
I shall console you in your defeat,
I shall dance with you in your merry-making.
Kenya, you shall never mean any more much to me
Than you do now- you truly shall
Always be great to me all ages
YOU are the land of all people, all people
Black, white, colored, yellow- all are welcome;
They build and adore and revere you vigorously,
They laugh with hope for you are the source of hope;
You inspire the poor to be rich, you inspire the rich,
You do not discriminate and segregate and curry favor.
You are just, independent, true and gracious;
Oh! Kenya, you rebuke those who disobey
And you benignly reward those who do right-
Your eyes are open forever.
I believe in your integrity and dignity
Founded on solid virtues, and not on stinking vices.
I believe in your power, in your law
LET me fly and sing you praises,
Together With the birds of the air,
Let me swim and preach your good reputation
With the creatures of the water to the whole world,
Let me cry my tears, wash my face
So I can clearly see your beauty
So I can see your grief,
So I can see your sorrow in me.
Count me in your grief and in your sorrow-
I shall console you and I shall wipe away your tears.

LET me come to the end of my song to you
I see water coming down the mountain with energy
But I can see a bright future, the beautiful sun,
And green land on your being, I can see
Prosperity running to meet you, I can see
You transform into paradise, oh Kenya.
Oh! How I wish I could have lived to see you change
But the water is approaching; I’ll go under and die
Though gleefully for I shall leave you happy
Oh Kenya, my country goodbye.

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  • Edward Kofi Louis (9/2/2017 5:05:00 AM)

    Reputation! ! With righteous morals. Thanks for sharing this poem with us. (Report) Reply

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  • (5/11/2013 10:16:00 AM)

    U should one day have to present thir to your president. You will get a cabinet secretary for poetry. (Report) Reply

  • (1/25/2012 12:15:00 PM)

    wow! ! what a long one mr! ! i never seen one thatlongbefore! keep up the good work! ! (Report) Reply

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