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Song: One Stupid Thing - Poem by Dave SmithWhite

Just believe one stupid thing,
And you'll believe another.
Ignorance is its' own reward,
And to torture it is mother.

So just believe one stupid thing,
And announce that you're a duffer.
That the ounce of logic that you bring,
You'd rout and trounce and smother.

So you think we are consumers.
Can you guess who is consumed?
We are the pale costumers,
Of a planet masque foredoomed.

Can the theories of tomorrow,
Ever trump todays?
Is wisdom now so hollow,
It submits to fad and craze?

With many more athletes doping,
With many more runners loping,
Many more fans are hoping,
For the umpires call.

With many more experts scoping.
Politicians exposed and groping,
Who cynically propose we're coping,
As the icons fall.

Do we succumb to sorrows,
In a mad euphoric haze;
Turning inward as we borrow,
Some backward fascist phrase?

While we consent at tyranny,
And barely note the cost;
Complicit in this villainy,
Why not a holocaust?

Why not a drone - World War Three?
For we alone, are proud and free.
Certain of our liberty?
Our fear lives on, in infamy!

Many more shoes are dropping,
With pension funds a-popping,
And no-one's going shopping,
Down at the mall.

Many more shoes are dropping,
With essential service stopping.
Many more people are swapping,
Excess for the small.

So just believe one stupid thing,
And you will doubt your brother.
All loyalties will sure sprout wings,
And fly to havens' other.

Can you conceive that you'd perceive,
The sanction of the father?
Are you aggrieved that you cannot cleave,
To all that divine laughter?

So just believe that you'll receive,
The blessings of the father.
Just believe and you'll self-deceive,
And do so ever after!

Topic(s) of this poem: belief

Form: Verse

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