Song: One Death Is A Tragedy Poem by Dave SmithWhite

Song: One Death Is A Tragedy

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'If you're hitting what you're aiming at..?
That's real gun control.'
And mounting deaths are just mere stats,
As blood stains freedom's soul.

While one death is a tragedy;
A million's just a meme.
As guns are useful gadgetry,
In every crazy's dream.

Another day, another horror;
A day of carnage, a day of terror.
Another day of crushing sorrow;
Not looking forward to tomorrow!

While one death is a tragedy;
Vast numbers are too hard.
We tune out in our apathy,
Unaffected and off-guard.

Another day, another crime.
Seems it's happening, all the time.
A day of mourning, as the world goes feral;
Of fiery warnings, and lives in peril.

While one death is a tragedy;
A million's just a trope.
If we can't dismiss it magically,
How on earth will we cope?

Another day of useless torture,
That burdens yet, an uncertain future.
Another day of gruesome pictures,
Of the needy poor, 'midst fabled riches.

While every death is a tragedy;
Statistics are a bore.
But one's final breath is tragically,
The one we can't ignore.

The one we can't ignore!

Saturday, February 4, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: death,tragedy
Keith. Brown 14 January 2021

Still rings true, we are all desensitised by media overkill, yet we need to know

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Glen Kappy 06 March 2017

so, dave, i'm starting to read your work after being introduced to it through today's poem of the day. as in that one, the craft is good in this. and the thrust of it is certainly true- stats don't move like the single death of someone we love, someone close to us. and the time is long past to have sensible measures to stop gun violence and check the greed of the gun lobby. thank you. -glen kappy

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John Ahern 05 February 2017

Well written, although it is about death and tragedy, I understand where you are coming from. Another day of gruesome pictures, the evening news, look away now. Why do we need to see scenes of humans behaving badly? Rant over, thanks for sharing the poem.

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Paul Warren 05 February 2017

I think that some countries are in love with the gun. Innocent people suffer fiord perceived rights.

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