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Black Holes

Was it another universe?
So many years ago.
My life with you was interspersed,
By affairs you did not know.

Song: Lame Duck Donald

He's a loser, that's surely what he is.
A sore loser, just tweeting that he's pissed.
He is a lame duck Donald,
A canker and a cyst;

A Song Of Gilgamesh

Gods in the distance, gods from beyond.
Gods of the chosen, the meek and the fond.
The gods of our fathers that keep us in bonds;
All gods are welcome in old Babylon!

Song: The Last Wave

I heard the wind a-blowin'.
The wind, it raged for you.
I gave you ample warnin'.
I thought that you'd come through.

Song: One Death Is A Tragedy

'If you're hitting what you're aiming at..?
That's real gun control.'
And mounting deaths are just mere stats,
As blood stains freedom's soul.

Song: The Girl On The Flying Trapeze

Who is that lady, high in the sky,
Who soars as a lilting breeze?
Is she an angel? I ask as I sigh,
The girl on the Flying Trapeze!

Song: You Stood By Me!

When my world, came crashing down,
As if hurled, from heights unbound,
And loyal friends had all left town,
You stood by me!

The Ballad Of Mr Sloth

He goes a little crazy in the morning.
He goes a little odd by crack of dawn.
A restless spirit, waking up and yawning,
With a body-clock protesting, gaunt and worn.

Song: Child's Play

Are accidents - reflections,
Of the chaotic quantum world;
Do the stars that rule the heavens,
Raise cosmic flags, unfurled?

Song: Conspiracy Theory

We will all go out in sunshine,
And will come back in the dark;
With the secret state provocateurs,
The agent and the narc.

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