Song: The Great Recession Blues Poem by Dave SmithWhite

Song: The Great Recession Blues

We've had the good times, baby,
But debt's a rising tide.
Our life is underwater:
We're drowning side by side.
We've had the good times, baby,
But it was no easy ride.
And now the gods go crazy;
There's nowhere left to hide!

We can't make no concessions,
'Cause we got too much to lose.
As fear soon takes possession,
Controls are switched from cruise.
It's a quaint but apt expression,
Or a focused group confession;
In every think tank session,
It's the Great Recession Blues!

They say the end is coming,
As the books fly from the shelves.
The aftershocks are drumming,
With the blues of Twenty -Twelve.
Some say It's a new beginning;
Of what I cannot delve.
But I see no chance of winning,
When it's everyone for themselves!

Beware the mad end-gamers.
With their fingers on the button.
All too ready to rapture us,
And blow us up for nothing!
So it ain't no joke obsession;
More a bald and grim impression,
A permanent depression;
The Great Recession Blues!

We've had the good times, baby,
But now we're for the slide.
Our roller-coaster's hurtling,
Right down the mountainside.
The train-wrecks' in slow motion;
In free-fall, we abide.
We've had the good times, baby.
But now all hope has died!

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