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The songs of my life
Remind me that I’m alive
With each note of sadness
My heart breaks into
A million pieces
It’s as if these songs
Were written
To remind me
Of who I really am

With each passing time
These timeless melodies
From a thousand lyres
Continue to touch my life
Like an angel from the sky

These songs of my life
It bring back
A thousand memories from afar
Every time I took a journey
From the nostalgic past
With each episodes of my life
I couldn’t describe
The joy I felt
Bringing you back
From the dead

Like a haunting dream
In the middle of the morning
But as sweet as a meringue
With a tea in the afternoon
Each songs of loneliness
Depicts each chapter of my life
Healing my scars
Of yesterday’s downfall
Yet causing my heart
To bleed once more

As I look back
From how I was
Could these songs help me forget
These miseries somehow
And bring back the lost soul
Of who I really am
Or is everything going to be
Just a reflection
From my hopeless
Misty eyes.

(I wrote this poem last July 4, Monday. The atmosphere was dreary and sad. I was listening to a couple of sad records and that mood triggered me to write this poem. I dedicate this poem to all people who are my source of inspiration to keep me going in this life.)

Cynthia Aluning 08 December 2005

nice write Kabayan. Keep on writing. I hope when you think of writing poems, you wont be sad anymore but somehow, just when ur sad enough, a poem exists from nowhere and bet it will be a good poetry-write. Same thing goes when ur scorned and feeling hatred, all those words just float on air for you to pluck one by one to form great lines that u yourself never imagined. U go lady, and we write from infinity and beyond! lol

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Barbara Zürz 31 October 2005

Marie, I like this poem! It reminds me on myself. You described feelings that I have when I listen to my timeless music. Warm wishes.... Barbara

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