Dezerth Lerexia

Souless Being. - Poem by Dezerth Lerexia

She's souless, she's empty,
she cant think for herself.
She's lost, she's confused,
she was left alone.
She runs aroundwit problems of colors. Always seeks answer's that cant be given.

She's a walking body, paracitic.
Whom feeds off the minds of others, just to survive as puppet. Loss of emotions, she cannot feel happy. She always asks others how she should feel and when she should feel it.

She has no life, she lies an she fibs. She's repulsive to the sight of the eye and distorts the center of the mind. She invents imagenary stories, to see if you pitty or let her feed off you. She places tricks and traps, uses her souless friends to blind your sight.

She lies about her change of heart, her blood sucking mantis mind. No more problems, she claims to be nice. Will you fall for it? That depends if you could be bought. This empty, clueless, diabolical puppet, her soul must be eaten and her body must be controlled.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, December 7, 2009

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