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Remember. - Poem by Dezerth Lerexia

Let us begin from the very beginning. I remember that time when you ran up to me in your time of need.

A stranger you were, in your darkest hour you seeked. So tragic and reckless you acted. You shared your story with me;

So sorry I felt as I heard. Such strong powerful words. Yet delighted I was to hear. In my nature it is to assist. I decided to stand by your side. Advice I did provide. Suicide I disaproved.

Uncertain you were of my choices as well as the words I wrote. That night you answered my call for the very first time, nervous and shy you were.

I remember the first time I heard your voice, such a sweet pleasent sound. Your mind was what unfull, the many things you wanted to say. Remember how I left you silent as time past, away it continued to fill the air. Such kindness I notaced in you. The night past, I had spent it with you.

Remember the thrid day of me taking care of you? I already knew your secret and you never knew that i knew. Calm you became, but worried you still stayed.

Suspensed I became on the second week. I told you your own secret, silent and stuttered you did. Hours were spent before all my curiosity was satisfied. Your crush for me was quite a suprise. The final turn had to take way.

Asked you i did, 'Break me free of her grasp', you begged. So i took action until the victor i claim. Hard work indeed it was. When you were semi-free, abandoned an in entire solitude you were.

I know you were because i felt it the same. So i took you for my own. my son you became, my aid you always had right by your side. though I was still in the fight, you messed up sometimes. Irate i became, apologized you tried. Forgave you i did. You failed me a few times, gave up i was ready. Apologized you did and so i continued.

Problems you had, drugs you pulled for. Begged and cried i did. Not happy i was, i turned my back such disappointment i had. Apologized, cried and begged me you did and so i continued. failed me some more, furious i was! Begged and begged you cried out to me, 'This is not what i desire! Please don't leave me'.

More struggles with you i had, lies! You never do to me. Lie you did, enraged i certainly felt. Begged me you did. When trust was lost, begged me you did. Worked hard and won it back you certainly did.

Silenced i was. A fine boy you are! fought i still did, liberation was still distant.

In love you'd been i never knew. 'I love you' you claimed. My heart sank low, in shock i certainly was. What to say, i never knew how silenced i was. Care for you i certainly had. Miss your voice i always did. Special you are, you truely are.

Months past, still no sight in the end of your nightmare. Fought i continued to victor i claimed. Wanted me you did, upset i became. Certain time pasted, changed a lot you have. Your darkness was simply the absence of light. What a shame and torn i became. How could i admit the secret i held.

Heartbreaking stories you came to me with. Outsiders comments destroyed it did. Begged for your trust but as time past, worried you still stayed. 'Using me you are? ' 'No i never could! ' Broke i became so hard i have worked, i dont have the heart. If only you knew what i know. But still my secret i could not say.

Happy we were, always together. Had fun we always do. Irate i became, she could not stop. Her foolishness went on. The fight for your liberation was still in the black. Personal it became, sinister were my thoughts, stop i would not. Insane she is, she had to be stopped!

Plotted and plotted i did! Pushed you away from her i tried. She no longer could get to you if not through me. Still in the dark your complete liberation laid. Give up i would not, not ever let her have you again. Hurt i could never see you again.

Stopped you she did. Stressed i became. Hate for her was rising so high. If only she knew how horrible she was to you. If only she knew how much happier you are. If only she could see the new changes in you. Thinking alone, of that i did plenty realise things i did. My motive to save you was your smile and the happiness you gave. Give up i could not, so fought i continued.

Months pasted finally a clearing i saw. Though your true liberation is still not. Responsible you became. So overjoyed i was. Its been 7 Months now, yet were far from done. I felt ready to say what i had hid for so long. 'ask me again.' believe me you could not.

Thoughs horrible thoughts you always had led you to doubt me. Trusted me anyways i no you did.'Ask you what' 'Remember earlier in the months a question you asked', the one that filled your mind that the others could be right? 'Be with me? ' you asked. Happy i was, 'I'd love to be.' believe it was real you could not. Mine you became, it was a joyous night. Insisted she did, yes i would tolerate! Like a persistant roach, no matter how angry i grew, the end of this fight became black again. Upset you felt. Nasty things she said the wonderful women who bore this wonderful boy. I hate her! I hate her with all my force, forgive her i could never. Placed value on you she did, value on a human life? Noone deserves. If anyone was a prize, it would be the fool that marked you as value.

Tables I turned. Leaving her in the dark of you. Hated it she did. But enough is enough. This time the war gave the impression of the true liberation. Ridding her for good was finally at my grasp. Though return i knew she would. I will not give up the victor i claim!

Its been a year now. Love you i do. Happy I've been, wonderful to me you always are. Together we stay but still so strong. A dream come true, few problems we have, take care of they are. Told you i do, a dream come true. Your finally liberated and her petty attempts are no longer notaced, futile they are. I love you so much! Mine you will stay for eternity to come, just you and I.

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