Speculations Poem by Dave SmithWhite


In every little dream there is a heartbreak,
When every hope that's crushed will take it's toll.
As every brittle scheme becomes a heartache,
That never seems to let you get control.

Every bold ambition plays for high stakes.
Every plan and plot entails a flaw.
Every mission statement is so half-baked,
Every leap of faith fought tooth and claw.

In the half-life of my being, I'm in limbo;
As the summer storms ignite the lightning show.
An observer yet unseeing past the rainbow,
But going head to head and toe to toe.

Behind every new success are human foibles,
Which plant the seeds of failure over time.
The entropy is studded with pretty baubles,
To entice the willing victims of the crime.

In every crowning vision there's an intake,
A rush of breath defying hidden lies.
The triumphant magic wishin' of the true fake;
The art of strategic lying wins the prize.

Restless, panting, aching in the shadows;
Feeling trapped with nowhere else to go.
A crawling dread takes refuge 'neath my pillow,
To calm my prickling veins their ebb and flow.

Noting that the world is ever changing,
And the certainties of glibness make no sense.
While the deckchairs on the vessel need arranging,
The air is foul and fetid from the vents.

Sailing into deep and troubled waters.
Flailing arms akimbo's no defense.
What has the looming iceberg ever taught us?
That steerage looks to saviors to turn events.

Not every great idea sells like hotcakes;
And it's never clear how you score your goal.
When all you do just leads to blinding headaches,
And appears to drain off all that's in your soul.

Holding horns with both hands on the bell curve;
Watching others gored that fall below.
Riding bullish markets borne by cold nerves,
Blocking ears to cries of stress and woe.

Sitting, sweating, naked at my window;
Waiting for a cooling breeze to blow.
Watching for the darker clouds of sunset,
Reflect on standing trees an eerie glow.

Friday, May 3, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: business
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