Spilt Blood Beckons The Misunderstood. Poem by Lenny Gazbowski

Spilt Blood Beckons The Misunderstood.

Rating: 2.5

feed me your greed
need me to be inside

here is where you deceive me
here is not the promised land

where is my place to be free
at what point can I claim
this to be my authentic journey

my spilled blood and my dance
have always been misunderstood

tell me how can they preach and cook
the same unchanging corrupted
and mutilated message

how do they get away with such nonsense

I am looking
at a winged celestial being
I am feeling a vision of torture
I am being led
to be fed to the dead

preacher man
he cuts open my soul
he wants to taste my selfish bread
wants to baptize my unseeing eyes
wants to see me in a bottomless pit
preacher man wants my blood on his hands
wants me to be his second coming

coming man

my seed has within it
the sacred tree of life
flesh cutting deep
into the never world
soul sees beyond
this twisted world

as I end it all with the golden knife

(c) 2008/14 Lenny Gazbowski

Sunday, November 9, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: Spiritual
Khairul Ahsan 17 April 2020

'my seed has within it the sacred tree of life' - nice two lines!

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Khairul Ahsan 09 November 2014

An eye catching title! 'I am being led to be fed to the dead' - very intriguing!

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Gajanan Mishra 09 November 2014

flesh cutting deep - golden knife, good one, thanks,

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