Kaspa Richards

Rookie (29/08/1988 / London, England)

Spores Law After Magic War - Poem by Kaspa Richards

I remember the day clouds over Amsterdam loomed
In a grotty dirty hostel that had never seen a broom
On my bed I ate a three person punnet of magic shrooms
Overdosed, quickly saw the wall vanish from the room
Then I made the disastrous move to taste the groove
Got up of my bed and tried to touch pink stars of doom
Must’ve taken two steps before I saw two floating heads,
One was my brother, who had jumped off his bed,
The other was his fiancé but she so quickly fled,
Tripping in her head must’ve fort I was dead,
When she saw me hit the floor I was the victim off a theft,
Shrooms stole my balance my perception and my mind,
Until just the essence of me was left,
Then I heard someone’s voice and this is what he said
'Bruv, it’s me'
'Where am I? '
'In Amsterdam still you see? '
“Who are you? I can see magic dust in my eyes”
“Its Dan ya brother I thought you might’ve died”
I throw a punch
“I said who the hell are you? I haven’t got a clue! ”
Hold up, I think I do, its coming back to me I need to go puke
Throw up mushroom soup for an hour or two
Find my way downstairs and drink a pint of magic juice
Tasted like warm orange as I gulped it
Bloke in the hostel said “that will soon set your stomach loose”
Dash back outside puke up some more
Feeling trapped in a psychedelic tug of war
Fazing in and out of a reality that’s seems a bore
And the reality of the psychedelics teases my third eyes core
Like the spores won the war and now uphold my inner body law
No control of where I went or what reality I saw
Flipping from one to the other like a lover whose bored
Until it all suddenly stopped
I was back in my world confused dazed and different forevermore

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