Maurice Harris

Rookie - 127 Points (29 April 1971 / Louisville, KY)

St. Valentine's Day (2010) - Poem by Maurice Harris

My beloved-upon this day of love's celebration,
I must attempt to explicate, my heart's elation!
I now live, cause be to you, and in each and every way
As though every moment were always St. Valentine's Day!

Mine own heart brims with jollity, whence there may be
Thought of a future wherest you are nearer still, to me;
All is tangible, to ensure the same meets with reality-
A future, where unity is made from our current duality!

Surely as I know the place you hold, in mine own mind,
We two should each be made far greater, whence combined!

You are the beauteous answer to a complex, life-long vexation;
The singular, glorious cause, for my heart's jubilant celebration!
You, and you alone, could give rise to such magnificent emotion-
I shall attempt recompense for same, with offer of my life-long devotion!

Your's is a beauty, so rarified, as to be unprecendented-
Imagine if you will, my utter amazement, when it re-presented;
Perchance, my beloved, should you not have cause to believe-
Your's is a beauty, even my imagination could not conceive!

Lest you think me to be overly fanciful in my fervent felicity,
I must remind thee of thine own beauty's splendiferous simplicity:
Your honesty, both with self and others, clements compassion;
Your kindness, wit and charm are plentiful and without ration;
Your heart's fidelity is unquestionable, there, for the world to behold;
Your maternal spirit is without equal and by others, extolled;
This is without mention of your obvious physical beauty,
Though, the glorification of same is too, my solemn duty!

I am forever endebted to thee for what you have gifted-
My fragile, yet giving, heart hath been wondrously uplifted!

I may have to endeavor, for my whole life, entire,
To return the favor of your heart's abiding desire;
Yet, I shall indeed, with much love, and in ways, myriad-
For as long as I may be blessed to live, and longer still-period!
Nary shall a day fleet, whence there is even but the smallest doubt,
That your pleasance doth beatify all, glory would diminish without
You, and all you endue-your resplendence surely captivates
And always shall, mine own life enriched, obligation owed the Fates!

One day perhaps, my love, you shall live ebullient, as I-
Enamored, contrariwise, as your love grows more and more nigh!
Perchance, my beloved, to expound even further still-
Should you allow them, all your hopes and dreams shall fulfill!
Come live thine glorious life, intertwined with mine-
Live each day, as though each day were St. Valentine!

Maurice Harris,4 February 2010

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, February 4, 2010

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