Alyssa Lynn

Stand Up - Poem by Alyssa Lynn

Stand up, I know how your feeling like you'd rather give in than live another day feeling like this but stand up. Don't let it all crash down. Stand up,
One day all the pain will go away. I can tell he's dying inside, and it's killing me to see him so broken. I see the tears roll down his cheeks, and I wish
There was something I could do but a voice in my head wants me to tell him to stand up, keep fighting even though deep inside you’re dying. I'll live for
Both of us, cuz I can see your barley holding on, stand up the battle's not over, even though this life is just getting colder. Stand up cuz I'll be here by your
Side. Stand up cuz I know how your feeling, I wish that this would all just go away. I know your feeling weak, you can barley even speak, but I'll be strong
For the both of us, cuz all you gotta do, all you gotta do is stand up. Stand up; she looks out her window every night she thinks about how much she wishes
A boy would hold her tight. She looks in the mirror trying to find something worth seeing but deep in down she's asking herself 'why can't I love me? ”
All she wants is someone to care maybe even someone to be there but she's too busy feeling sorry for herself to even know that she could just..
Be the voice that tells her to stand up, to keep on fighting, even though inside your dying. Sweetie you can get through this, stand up cuz the battles not over, even though the world outside is getting colder. Stand up cuz I’ll be by your side.
We’re all tired, we’re all broken, we all have moments when we’re feeling like we dead and choking. But we can’t give up no we can’t give in. We gotta keep trying, gotta keep moving, gotta keep living, breathing. So stand up, when you don’t have the strength to carry on, stand up when it seems like everything’s gone, right before your eyes. You gotta realize you need to stand up, sometimes you learn to hold your own hand, cuz the truth is they won’t understand, you or what your going through that’s why you have to…stand up.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, January 31, 2010

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